Release Notes

May 17, 2019


DAM Image Enhancement


Earlier, when an existing image was replaced by the other image with the same name, a different Azure URL with different GUID used to get generated.

With this release, replacing an existing image with another image and with the same name will generate the same Azure URL and GUID for the image. 

To implement this enhancement, changes were made in the following files:

  • MediaManagerService.cs

  • FileUploadController.cs

  • MediaManagerModel.cs

  • PortalDisplaySettingModel.cs

  • MediaManagerMap.cs

  • TextBoxEditorFor.js

  • AzureAgent.cs

  • Web.Config of Znode.Engine.API

Issues Resolved

[ZPD-5576/ZLMC-353] - ZnodePasswordLog: Audit columns were not getting updated from entity call. To resolve this issue, a header was set when the User-Id header was null or 0. Also, changes were made in CreateCustomer, CreateOwinUser, PasswordVerification and SetRequestHeaderForPasswordLog methods of UserService.cs file

[ZPD-5777] - Admin - When Amazon Pay payment method was edited, PayPal Express credentials were getting displayed when Live Mode was selected. 

This was because the Gateway code was sent as null in case of Amazon Pay, and PayPal express view was displayed when null was passed. To resolve the issue, a code was set for gateway when payment type is Amazon Pay so that the null code doesn’t pass. Also, changes were made in 

  • GetPaymentGatewayView method of class PaymentAgent

  • GetPaymentSettingCredentials method of file Checkout.ts.

[ZPD-5798] - Web store - The previous category/product/brand images were getting displayed on the web store when category/product/brand was published. To resolve this issue, changes were made in Znode_GetMediaAssociatedStoreList stored procedure.

[ZPD-5802/ZLMC-421] - Admin - Products were not getting associated with the CMS page widgets. To resolve this issue, a BindUrl javascript function was added in the _WidgetPageList file. Also, a ShowNotification method was added in the website.ts file.

[ZPD-5814/ZLMC-424] - A   tooltip was missing in the grid view of the Media Upload popup in Products. To resolve this issue, ImageName was bound as a tooltip in the ImageTag property of DynamicGridConstants class.

[ZPD-5824/ZLMC-423] - Web store - Category Products were not getting displayed on the web store after the catalog was published and the index was created because the unwanted entry was present in the category table of Mango DB. To resolve this issue, changes were made in CategorySeoType method of  SearchService.cs file.

[ZPD-5818] - Web store - When facets were applied on the search results page and the page URL was copied and pasted in a new browser or in an incognito tab, the URL did not work. This was because the session was used to save the facet variables while going through the search controller. 

To resolve this issue, the session uses for the facet was removed along with the querystring. Also, changes made in SetFilterData method of Search Agent class and a new method GetFilterData was added in the same class.

[ZPD-5832/ZLMC-430] - When Catalog Name was changed, the DB status for that catalog was also getting changed from active to inactive. To resolve this issue, changes were made in Znode_GetCatalogList stored procedure and in XML: ZnodePimCatalog.

[ZPD-5800] - Multiple folders were getting generated when the product image was found as null when the scheduler was called. To resolve this issue, changes were made in the following files:

  • ImageHelper.cs from Engine.Service

  • ImageHelper.cs from Taskscheduler


Developers need to Update the DLL of the Scheduler folder in Znode.Engine.Api/Data/Scheduler folder Path with the latest DLL when Generate Image Task Scheduler is not working:-

  1. Znode.Engine.Api.Client

  2. Znode.Engine.Api.Models

  3. Znode.Engine.Exceptions

  4. Znode.Engine.TaskScheduler

  5. Znode.Engine.TaskScheduler.exe.config

  6. Znode.Libraries.Data

  7. Znode.Libraries.ECommerce.Utilities

  8. Znode.Libraries.Framework.Business

  9. Znode.Libraries.MediaStorage

Also, System.Web.Mvc DLL need to be added in the Scheduler folder in Znode.Engine.Api/Data/Scheduler folder Path. This is required as one of the dependencies.

[ZPD-5756/ZLMC-403] - Catalog publish process used to take a lot of time when a large number of products were published. To resolve this issue, changes were made in Znode_GetPublishProductAttribute stored procedures and indexes were added in ZnodePublishProduct and ZnodePimAttributeValue tables.

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