9.0.4 Release Note

Jan 15, 2018

New Features

Clear cache on publishing Catalog and Store

  • Auto cache clear on Catalog and Store publish.

Search Management 

  • Allow users to configure the results to be displayed based on various conditions like target audience, synonyms, keywords, etc.

  • Uses Elasticsearch for faster results. 

  • Ability to create multiple profiles on the basis of different searchable product attributes example: Product Name, SKU, Short Description, etc.

  • Allows user to define URL redirects to direct customers to a certain page on specific keywords.

Vertex Tax Integration

  • Created a new Tax Rule type called "Vertex Tax" for integration of Vertex Tax Management solutions.

 Donut Caching

  • This feature is available for the following pages:

    • Category

    • Home Page

    • Content Pages

    • Product Quick View

  • This enhances application performance by storing the data in cache on page load and reduce the server side request.

 Downloadable Product

  • A Downloadable Product is a product that can be downloaded or delivered as a file example eBooks, Audios, Videos, and Software applications.

  • User can specify unique key values that is shared with Customer on Order placement.

  • User can view the keys shared with Customers and edit the unused values.

Global Attributes

  • Global Attributes are additional details you want to capture or set for Store, User, or Account

  • The attributes associated with an entity is applied to all its instances in the admin portal.

SQL Server Session State

  • SQL session mode provides a more secure and reliable session management. In this session mode, session data is serialized and stored in a SQL Server database which is helpful in web forms (load balancing).


  • Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) is an XML-based framework for authentication and authorization between two entities.



  • The shipping charges are not displayed and applied on checkout pages if the shipping rates received from third party (UPS, USPS, and FedEx) are zero or blank; this is irrespective of the handling charges specified in the admin portal.

  • FedEx Changes: Provided the product level packaging type.

  • UPS Details: Provided Drop-Off type and Packaging type for UPS, this is only for store level.

Store Locator

  • Allows user to geotag the store location using Google Maps.

  • Customers can search and view the stores using Find A Store option along with distance and direction from their location.

Company Name field added in User Address

  • Optional field called Company Name is added for all the addresses.


  • Ability to send an Email notification on every exception occured in the application.

Webstore - Sort Product as In Stock and Out of Stock

  • Customers can sort the Category and Search list pages by In Stock and Out of Stock sorting options.

  • Example: On selecting Out of Stock as the sort option, the page displays Out of Stock Products first and then In Stock products.

Issues Resolved

  • Case ID 21358 - Inventory - Error page is displayed if the inventory list contains more than 50,000 Products.

  • Case ID 24755 - Webstore - Tax is not being calculated based as per the Tier Price associated with the Product.

  • Case ID 24263 - OMS - Orders – Account based Catalog – Associated Catalog’s The "Add Product" link does not display Product.

  • Case ID 24554 - Webstore - Account Based Catalog - A blank page is displayed after a B2B Users logs in and clicks on Cart.

  • Case ID 18405 - Admin - Custom Report - A blank report is generated if filters are applied.

  • Case ID 24811 - Webstore - Products with a number-based SKU do not display in Wishlist.

  • Case ID 20836 - PIM - Unable to create Bundle Products,Group Products, and associate Add-ons while importing 25,000 Product entries.

  • Case ID 24797 - Webstore - The application is too slow when adding a Group Product with more than 50 SKUs.

  • Case ID 24765 - Webstore - A blank loading page is displayed after performing an action in Internet Explorer browser.

  • Case ID 24410 - CMS - Blog & News - Same news gets opened if its SEO friendly URL is same.

  • Case ID 22911- Webstore - Correct number of published Products is not displayed if Catalog contains around 10,000 Products.

  • Case ID 23230 - Upgrade 9.0.1 to 9.0.2/9.0.3 - Existing Product Review is not displayed after using the upgrade script.

  • Case ID 24022 - Webstore - Payment Display Name does not appear in default script.

  • Case ID 24327 - Marketing - A Product associated with a Promotion does not display after being Published at the Product-level.

  • Case ID 24766 - OMS - Orders – Need to add additional filters to the "Add Product" popup while creating an order.

  • Case ID 24803 - Email Templates - Store Logo does not appear on a few templates.

  • Case ID 24880 - Webstore - Swatch text is not displayed on the PDP of a Configurable Product.

  • Case ID 24887 - Webstore - Error message for Shipping persists after selecting other Shipping Methods.

  • Case ID 24360 - Admin - Product List - Filter not working for the Attribute Type 'Text Area'.

  • Case ID 24406 - Webstore - Need to calculate shipping amount tax for any available tax method.

  • Case ID 22794 - Webstore - Sort by price does not working properly for Group and Configurable Products.

  • Case ID 23334 - Admin - Search Index - Not able to index over 10000 products

  • CASE ID - 27014 - Webstore - Not allowing to reset password if site is running with HTTPS

  • CASE ID 24991 - Source Code – Orders - Customer receives Error page while trying to generate Invoice.

Known Issues

  • Case ID 23236 Promotion- Promotion calculation was incorrect if two promotions of the same Promotion Type are created.

  • CASE ID 20344 - Import status is displayed as failed even record successfully imported into the application.

  • CASE ID 27091 - Search Profile - Results do not vary according to the Cross and Best filters.

  • CASE ID 21359 - Catalog publish process taking time for single locale if more than 50000 products associated in catalog.

  • CASE ID 21566 - SEO Setup - Getting error page when click on SEO Setup link for Product and Category if more than 50000 products associated.

  • CASE ID 26655 - Webstore - Uploaded PO document is not displayed in manage order page.

  • CASE ID 26955 - Webstore - Quote history – Shipping not displayed if converted the Quote to Order.

  • CASE ID 26846 - Search Profile - Suggestion list is not displayed according to the SKU.

  • CASE ID 26884 - Webstore - Shipping method not displayed when we try to checkout with more than 1000 quantity.

  • CASE ID 26302 - PIM - Products - Getting an error page when clicked on the Edit link of product if imported attribute is used.

  • CASE ID 26417 - Instead of 0 and 1, Yes/No flag is not working in import.

  • CASE ID 22912 - Product feed not getting generated for all products if total product count is around 10000.

  • CASE ID 27212 - OMS - Mac Safari - Print Preview template is not proper on manage order page.

  • CASE ID 27261 – Unable to place Order using PO with PO document if application is launched using source code.

  • CASE ID 27267 - Product Highlights – Unnecessary "Product Image" column appear displayed.

  • CASE ID 27273 - PIM - Product - When enter "&" in product search field, the product list page getting an exception.

  • CASE ID 27277 - PIM - The Downloadable product is not saved for other than default locale.

  • CASE ID 27280 - Import process takes time while importing the product for more than 25,000 products.

  • CASE ID 27185 - Admin - Global Attributes - Tools option is not displayed when logged with new admin.

  • CASE ID 27286 - Search profile - Application is redirecting to other tab while associating the record if launched application using source code.

  • CASE ID 22361 - Webstore - Auto add ons not working for Group Products.

  • CASE ID 24154 - Admin - Sorting and filter is not saved when we saved any views on the page.

  • CASE ID 24273 - PIM - Products – Need a filter to search if the Product is published or not.

  • CASE ID 26391 - iPhone 6 - Webstore - Category Page - Needs to display Sort by a field in proper size.

  • CASE ID 26397 - iPhone 6S Plus - Webstore - The main category get opened in the first click.

  • CASE ID 26159 - Webstore - Order Template - Need to set proper UI for the Group product when added in the template.

  • CASE ID 24738 - Media Manager – GIF image behavior not proper after uploading in Media Manager.

  • CASE ID 27125 - Webstore - Payment method is not displayed for newly created admin. (New user role)

  • CASE ID 26989 - Roles and Access - Store - An error page is displayed when we create new store with single store permission.

  • CASE ID 26992 - Webstore – Child Category displayed even if Parent Category is disabled.

  • CASE ID 26792 - Webstore - No need to display shipping method for downloadable product.

  • CASE ID 26819 - Admin - Import - Need to display the Pass/failed data Import count.

  • CASE ID 26921 - Search Profile - Suggestion list is not proper when trying to search for the initial keyword.

  • CASE ID 26946 - After searching with product name/tag, entered search characters are disappeared from the search field.

  • CASE ID 26970 - OMS - Inventory - The application is allowed to Edit the keys if it is already used.

  • CASE ID 26637 - PIM - Products - Tools option missing for Group Product.when logged with newly created admin role.

  • CASE ID - 27294 - Downloadable Product -  Duplicate keys are displayed for another downloadable product in received email.

  • CASE ID - 27290: Source Code - Import - Wrong import end time is displayed while completing the product import.

  • CASE ID - 27304 - PIM - Downloadable Product  - Unable to update the SKU for downloadable product.

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