B Store Dashboard

For any user, if either the “Is Owner” or “Is Manager” flag is enabled, they can view the B Stores dashboard. The Add New Store call to action is visible if the user has owner access, whereas a user with only manager access cannot see it.

  • The B Stores are visible here if the role of each B Store is either Owner or a Manager.
  • The B Store palette comprises B Store Name, Domain URL, Open Date, Close Date, Approved/Unapproved, and a Toggle Button to activate or deactivate the B Store.
  • The Manage Store button will take the user to the B Store manage page in the self-service portal. 
  • The Duplicate Store button will make a copy of the B Store. Read the article Duplicating a B Store (in Storefront) in the knowledge base.
  • The manage Stores drop-down helps manage the B Store, which is the same call to action as on the B Store palette.

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