B Store Users (in Storefront)


The Users page displays the list of registered users. Owners and Managers can manage the users of the B Stores from here. The list shows the user information, including User Name, Full Name, Email, Role, and Order History. The Role of any user in the B Store can be User, Manager, or Owner.

Manage User

  1. Manage the User Details.
  2. Save Progress using the “Save” button.
  3. Edited user information is now updated.

Adding New User

  1. Complete the User Details.
  2. Save Progress using the “Save” button.
  3. The New User is not added.

Note: It does not allow the creation of a user with the same username within the same B Store.

Enable or Disable Users

  1. Click the Lock or Unlock user action icon.
  2. The page reloads with action confirmation. 
  3. The user is enabled or disabled.

Reset Password

  1. Click the Reset Password action icon.
  2. Znode sends an email to the user with a reset password link.

Order History

  1. When clicking on the Order history action icon, the Owner or Manager will be shown the list of orders for the user.
  2. The order history list page includes the Order Number, Order Status, Payment Status, Order Date, Order Amount, and Action.
    1. The Order Number and Action is hyperlinked, when clicked it will show the order detail page.

Upload User List

  1. The Owner or Manager can bulk upload the list of the users to the B Stores.
  2. Following are the columns that should be included in the CSV file to import the Users: 



User Name

Email Address 

First Name

Enter the First Name, Text

Last Name

Enter the Last Name, Text

Role Name

Enter the Role Name, Text: 




Is Active

One of these Values:

O for No

1 for Yes

Import Logs

Import Statuses




When any Import is in progress, the Import Status displays as “Started”

Completed Successfully

When any Import is completed and there are no failed records, the Import Status displays as “Completed Successfully”

Completed with Errors

When any Import is completed and there is at least one failed to record and at least one succeeded record, the Import Status displays as “Completed With Errors”

When any Import is completed and all the records are failed, the Import Status displays as “Failed”

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