Managing Automatic Product Recommendations


Navigate to: CMS > Store Experience > Product Recommendations Tab

This feature analyzes the orders placed by all the customers and then automatically recommends products to customers. For example, on the PDP, recommendations are provided for products that other customers purchased along with the product which they are currently viewing.

Available Product Recommendation Widgets

Product Recommendations widgets can be enabled individually on the Home Page, Product Page, and Cart Page of the webstore. The recommendations take into consideration all historical customer order data related to the individual customer’s order history, the product page the customer is viewing, or current products in the cart.

Generate Product Recommendations

Administrators should use the Generate Recommendations option to generate recommendations using all the existing orders manually. Also, this process creates fresh recommendations data for the Recommendation Engine.

Administrators can use the Generate Automated Recommendations option to create/update a scheduler that automatically generates recommendations data for the Recommendation Engine. The scheduler only considers the new orders for adding to the recommendations data.

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