Setup Automatic Product Recommendations

Here is some setup required to get product recommendations to work properly. 

The Product Recommendations need the 'Znode_Multifront_RecommendationEngine'. This separate DB is automatically created when running the Znode DB script.

  1. Find this DB in SSMS and add the following <connectionStrings> in your API > web.config (znode/ZnodeMultifront/Projects/Znode.Engine.Api)
    1. <add name="ZnodeRecommendationDB">
    2. <add name="Znode_Recommendation_Entities">
  2. The Connection String should be the same as your ZnodeEcommerceDB strings however the "Catalog=" should reference the Znode_Multifront_RecommendationEngine
  3. After adding the Znode_Multifront_RecommendationEngine, rerun the Generate Recommendations
    1. If you have not placed any orders you may encounter the following message
    2. The generate command needs order data, as it's derived from order data.
  4. If you have orders placed in the past or place new orders, you should see the following

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