Managing Email Templates


Navigate to: CMS > Email Templates

Email Templates are used by Znode to send automated, transactional email messages to customers. (e.g. Account Information, Order Receipt, Account Activation)

  • Administrators can create/save/reuse email templates for multiple stores depending on the functionality.

  • Administrators can preview an existing template using the "Preview" action.

Note: After creating a new email template, Administrators need to enable the template for a store. If the template is not enabled for a store, then no email will be sent via Znode to customers.

Adding an Email Template

Navigate to: CMS > Email Templates > “Add New” Button

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  • Complete email template details according to the requirements.

  • Save progress using the "Save" button.

Editing an Email Template

Navigate to: CMS > Email Templates > “Edit” Action

  • Edit Email Template Details

  • Save progress using "Save" button

Enabling and Disabling Email Notifications

Navigate to: CMS > Email Templates > “Tools” Menu > “Configure Email Notification” Option

The page below appears on the screen.

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  1. Choose Store. The page will reload.

  2. Use the "Add New" button to associate "Area" of Znode to a new Email Template.

  3. Mark the checkbox for IsActive to checked.


  1. Use the “Edit” icon to enable/disable an email template and enable Blind CC.

  2. Save progress using the "Save" action.

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