Configuring a Promotion

Navigate to: Marketing > Promotions and Coupons > "Add New" button or “Edit” icon

Within the Add Promotion and Coupon section, the Promotion Information tab has several required attributes: Promotion code, Promotion name, Description, Start Date, End Date, Display order. The description field is not mandatory but gives Administrators an additional place to provide more details regarding the promotion.

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The Discount information tab has several required attributes: Discount type, Store, Profile. The discount type contains the options for various kinds of discounts that may be selected by the Administrator (.e.g. Amount off order, Amount off the product, Percentage off Brand, Percentage off Shipping with carrier). Discounts can be restricted to an individual store or made available to all stores. Also, Discounts can be restricted to an individual User Profile or made available to All User Profiles (i.e. if the Administrator decided that a specific discount type is only applicable for retail customers then it would be applicable only to users associated with that profile).

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The Coupon Information tab features Requires A Coupon option and checkbox is unchecked (by default).

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After enabling the Requires a Coupon option, the Promotion Message, Coupon code, Available Quantity fields become available. Also, optional attribute options for Is Unique and Is Allowed With Other Coupon checkboxes are available. The default coupon behavior gives the Administrator the ability to create a single coupon code that can be used by one or more customers while limiting the number of times the coupon code can be used.

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When the promotion option Is Unique checkbox is selected, additional options become available. Custom Coupon, Coupon Code Format, Coupon Code Length, and Initial Quantity. This option gives the administrator the ability to create unique coupon codes that can be distributed as needed. If the Custom Coupon option is checked an additional Custom Coupon Code option becomes available to allow Administrators to customize the prefix or suffix of the auto-generated coupon codes.

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Once the Administrator has the promotion and coupon configured according to the requirements, the coupon codes can be generated. At the same time, the Is Allowed With Other Coupon option, is checked this would allow the newly generated coupons to be used with the other coupons.

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Edit Promotions and Coupons

Navigate to: Marketing > Promotions and Coupons > "Edit" action

  1. Edit new Promotion and Coupon details

  2. Save results using the "Save" button

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