Configuring Promotion And Coupon Settings

Navigate to: Dev Center > Global Settings > Promotions and Coupon Settings Tab



Allow Promotion And Coupons Together

When this field is enabled administrators can apply promotions and coupons together or individually to order. When this field is not enabled promotions or coupons can only be applied individually to order.

Note - By default, this field is checked as Yes

Promotions With Exceptions

When “Allow Promotion And Coupon Together” is disabled, the administrator needs to add the comma-separated promotion class. This will enable the administrator to apply for promotions with exceptions.

Calculate Tax On The Discounted Price

When this field is enabled, the tax is calculated based on the discounted price of the order.

E.g. If the order total is $20 and the discounted price is $17, the tax will be calculated at $17.

Note - The above settings are available in the Znode Admin Console from Znode V9.5. For older versions of Znode, these settings can be configured in the web.config file.

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