Clearing Entire Published Data

Navigate to: Admin > Diagnostic & Maintenance > Maintenance

Administrators can delete the entire Elasticsearch index, and all published data from SQL from this section. 

Important - This mechanism is only intended to be triggered in unusual circumstances that can arise during the development of a Znode implementation. This is not something that should be triggered in a production environment in normal circumstances. Please fully understand the consequences of triggering this mechanism before doing so. More details are described below.

Clicking this button will result in Znode immediately deleting the entire Elasticsearch index, and all published data from SQL. Furthermore, any publish processes that are currently in the “In Progress” state will be marked as “Aborted”.

This mechanism should not be triggered while a publishing process is still executing and doing so will result in undefined behavior. This mechanism is intended to only clean up after a previous publish operation that failed in some manner without gracefully exiting and properly-being marked as “Failed”.

Also note that after clicking this button, all store data and content must be republished and until this is done the Znode WebStore will have no products or content to display for purchase.

Only if all of these circumstances are understood should this action be taken.

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