Hangfire Dashboard

Navigate to: Admin > Diagnostic & Maintenance > Hangfire Dashboard

The Hangfire Dashboard displays all the logs of Scheduler. The recurring jobs section shows the scheduled jobs. and the Jobs section shows the job history.

This section displays the configured account. When the dashboard tab is opened an authentication pop-up with a predefined username and password (HangfireDashboardCredentials key in the API's web config) is displayed on the screen. 

The dashboard is read-only by default. For sharing jobs triggering access to a particular user, the MakeHangfireDashboardReadOnly setting needs to be changed in the web config file. If the EnableHangfireDashboard setting is set as false then the Administrator is not able to view the hangfire dashboard and a blank screen is visible, to make the dashboard visible, the setting would need to be set as true in the web config file.

How to set up Hangfire Dashboard

Please make sure the following settings are configured in the API's web config as per the screenshot below. 

The username and password can be changed by changing the value for "HangfireDashboardCredentials" key

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