Understanding System Defined Roles

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Roles provide access to various modules and permissions to complete various tasks within the modules. When an administrator logs in to the admin console, only those modules are displayed on various screens that are associated with the Store(s) the admin users belong to.

There are two default roles Admin and Sales Rep available for administrators in Znode. These default roles cannot be modified as they are system-defined and connected to specific features & functionality.

The system-defined roles are implemented in the core functionality in Znode, both at the Source Code and DB Level. These types of core functionality such as the system-defined user role, play a big part in key functions such as Role-Based Access. Removing these types of system-defined roles could potentially break Znode or have unintended consequences which is why we are recommending keeping these.

Admin Role

This Role provides access to view and manages the details displayed on every single screen in the admin application.

Sales Rep Role

This Role provides access to view and manages the details displayed on only sales management screens in the admin application, like Users, Quotes, Orders, Returns, etc.

The behavior of this role is different from any other system-defined or non-system-defined role. When admin users associated with this Role log in to the admin application they can view and manage only those records/details displayed on various accessible screens that are associated with the Store(s) and with the users they are associated with.

The admin users with the Sales Rep role are called Sales Rep users and the admin dashboard for Sales Rep users is called as Sales Enablement Console.

Note: Sales Rep users cannot add new Users through any screen.

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