Configuring General User Settings

Navigate to: Accounts & Users > Users > General Settings tab

Administrators can edit the details of an existing user from Manage users. Also, it can create a new user.

Note: Users must create new accounts using only General Information details. After the User has been saved, Administrators can add additional settings and options located in the Users tabs via the "Manage" action.

General Settings

User accounts have several tabs which Administrators can use to manage and maintain key areas necessary of an enterprise-level ecommerce platform, as follows:

User Detail


Store Name

This field indicates the store name associated with the user account.

Sales Rep

Administrators can associate Sales Rep with the User account from here.

Note - One User account can be associated with only one Sales Rep account. This is irrespective of the number of records available for one User account on the Users list page.

Disable/Enable Account

Administrators can disable/enable the user account using this button.

User Name/ Email

This field indicates the username of the user. This field is non-editable.

Reset Password

Administrators can send a reset password link to the respective user's email address so that he/she can reset a new password for his/her account.

Email Address

This field indicates the email address of the user.

External ID

Unique External ID or ERP account number used for tracking Customer Users. Leave blank if unknown.

First Name

First Name of the User.

Last Name

Last Name of the User.

Phone Number

Contact information of the User


Administrators can assign Users to an existing B2B account.

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