Configuring Additional User Attributes

Navigate to: Customers & Users > Users > Additional Attributes

Administrators can add additional user attributes via Global Attributes. These attributes can then be used to customize the webstore and customer experience.

Additional Attribute Details:

Additional user settings can be managed using these attributes:




Administrators can decide the budget of the Customers per order basis and annual order basis.

Open Account Billing Details

Administrators can assign a Billing account number to the Customer from this section.

Address Setting

If the Customer has multiple addresses saved in his/her account and if “Enable Shipping Address Suggestion” is enabled for the Customer then while changing the address the Customer can see the shipping address suggestion on the Checkout page. He/She can select any suggestion from the address for changing the shipping address.

Power BI Settings

In order to see the Power BI reports with the store and respective customer-specific data on the web-store the administrator needs to select yes for “Enable Power BI Report On Web store” and save the changes. 

Note - Only after correct configurations are done and reports are created at Power BI’s end, the users can see the reports in the admin application and webstore.

Global Order Settings

(This feature was introduced in Znode 9.9.) 

Admin Users can add Delegates and Managers to the User. Admin Users can add multiple entries in both the sections (Delegates and Managers) using comma as a separator.

Note - For managers and delegates, there are no validations in place to check whether the added user is an existing user or not.

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