Configuring Approval Management for a User

Navigate to: Customers & Users > Users > Approval Management

The approval routing at the user level works in conjunction with approval routing at either store level or payment level. This depends on whether the approval routing is enabled for Store or Payment from Stores & Reps >> Stores >> Manage Store >> Approval Management.

User Detail


Approval Order

The sequence in which the approval will be required for an order.

Select Approvers

This indicated the username of the approver.

From Amount - To Amount

This indicates the approval range of the order amount.

No limit

If this is checked then there would not be any need of specifying the to Amount

The Customer can be associated with one of the following approval types.

  1. Does not Require Approval - User does not require approval from the Administrator or Manager to purchase products from stores. 

  2. Always Requires Approval - User requires the permission of an Approver for Product purchases. With Always Requires Approval, products cannot be purchased without approval. After approval, the user can then resume the checkout process.

  3. Sometimes Requires Approval - User can check out if the Order Total is less than the allocated Maximum Budget Amount set for the user. After it has been approved by the approver, the user can then resume the checkout process.

If "Sometimes Requires Approval" or "Always Requires Approval" is selected then the Admin has to create approver(s).

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