Git Integration

When Amla releases a new version of Znode, it publishes a new release to the Znode SDK repository ( - Connect to preview). A new release of the SDK primarily consists of updated NuGet package references, which pull in the proper latest versions on the core Znode libraries (DLLs). In order to receive an updated version of Znode, it is necessary to merge (Git - Basic Branching and Merging) the changes into your custom repository.

Some of our partners choose to use GitHub to manage their customized Znode codebase, while others choose to use TFS, Azure DevOps, or other source control systems. Any source control system that implements the git protocol will work. You can add remote branches (Git - Remote Branches) to help with the process of pulling from Amla’s repository and pushing it to your repository.

Your team is also free to choose any branching (Git - Branch Management) and/or tagging (Git - Tagging ) strategy that your team prefers, which can help control which version(s) of the code is deployed to which environment(s) through your CD tools. 

When you do decide to update your version of Znode and merge in the latest changes, we recommend reading the Znode Release Notes as this will have all the relevant details (bug fixes, new features, breaking changes). We recommend planning on taking on at least two Znode upgrades during your project so that you can have effort estimated appropriately.

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