Znode Pricing Approaches



Znode allows you to configure your pricing approach for your unique business needs. Whether you have a single price list, you want to have occasional seasonal sales, or you need unique prices for groups of accounts and users, you can achieve all of these with Znode.

There are two ways to consider pricing setup in Znode:

  1. Store Only Pricing
  2. Shopper Specific Pricing

Store Specific Pricing

With store-specific pricing, a base price list can be created, and optionally special seasonal price lists can be created.  Then in the store settings, the price lists can be linked. (Configuring Price List)

Shopper Specific Pricing

If Administrators want to have base pricing for a store and give unique pricing to specific shoppers they can create additional shopper-specific price lists.  And then you can link the price lists, to an individual shopper (Associating a Price List with a User)a specific user profile (Associating a Price List with a User Profile).

For information on price list precedence review - Pricelist Precedence

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