Configuring Store Price Lists


Navigate to: Stores and Reps > Stores > Manage > Price Lists

Product Prices that appear in the Store come from a Pricing List, which can be associated with the User-Profile or at the Store level:

  1. Store-Based: The same Pricing is displayed to all Customers visiting the Store
  2. Profile-Based: Profile-specific pricing is only shown to Customers

Note: If Customers are shown multiple Pricing Lists, the list with the highest precedent value would be displayed.

Associate Price List with Store

Navigate to: Stores and Reps > Stores > Manage > Price Lists > Associate Price

  1. The Price List tab landing page has two tabs, “Store-Based" and "Profile-Based". Select a tab that fits how prices should be displayed to Customers.

  2. For "Profile-Based" pricing, please specify the User Profile to associate a Price List using the "Select Profile" drop-down.

  3. Use the "Associate Price" button to browse unassigned Pricing Lists. Select the price list(s) and "Save". The page reloads with confirmation of progress.

  4. Pricing is now associated.

Note: To disassociate a Price list, use the "Delete" action. This removes the association with the price list and can be reassociated at any time.

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