Managing Store Profiles


Navigate to: Stores and Reps > Stores > Manage > Profiles

Administrators can set a User Profile to "Is Default Anonymous Profile" and "Is Default Registered Profile", so at the very least, a Store can have User Profiles associated with the registered and unregistered customers to your Webstore.

When creating a new user for a store, there will be a default user profile associated automatically with the user if the store settings have a profile set up. In an example where the user was manually created in the admin or registered via the web store, the user will automatically be assigned the default profile from the store-level settings.

In the screenshot above any user created in the above manner will automatically receive the "Retail Customer" user profile. You can create a new user profile and make the newly created one default. Any additional user profiles will not be marked as default, however, this won't have any impact because all user profiles will still apply.  

As long there is a default profile set in the store-level settings, any newly created user created from either the admin or webstore will be assigned the default profile. Users don’t have to belong to an account which is why this is set.

  1. A User Profile must be created first in the User Profiles section before it can be associated with a Store.
  2. Existing User Profiles can be associated with Store(s) from the Profiles Tab, under Stores and Reps > Stores.

Administrators can also do some exceptionally helpful things by associating User Profiles with a Store, like creating Profile-specific Catalogs or User-based Pricing.

The Profiles tab references the User Profiles. Administrators can create profile-specific catalogs, Shipping, Payment Methods, and Promotions Coupons. Therefore, when a customer(shopper) is associated with a profile then the access level of that particular user depends on the profile-specific elements.

Associate Profile to Store

  1. Click the "Associate Profile" button and select which User Profile to associate.
  2. Indicate if "Default Anonymous" and/or "Default Registered"
  3. Save progress using the "Save" button. The screen refreshes with action confirmation.
  4. User Profile is now associated with the managed Store

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