Managing Store Shipping Methods


Navigate to: Stores and Reps > Stores > Manage > Shipping Methods

The Shipping Methods tab is where Administrators can associate Shipping Methods with a Store. Global Shipping Options are created in Dev Center > Shipping in Znode and are available to all stores. Only Shipping Methods that have been associated with the store are seen on the list.

Once a Shipping Method is associated with a Store, Customers can select the Shipping Method at checkout.

By default, Znode has FedEx, UPS, and USPS shipping methods baked in but Administrators can also create custom shipping methods.

Associating a Shipping Method with a Store

Navigate to: Stores and Reps > Stores > Manage > Shipping Methods > Associate Shipping Method

To associate a shipping method(s) with the store,

  1. Click on the Associate Shipping Method

  2. Select shipping method(s)

  3. Click on Save.

Note - Admin users can only associate unassociated shipping methods with the store. If all the shipping methods are already associated then the Associated Shipping Method pop up will not show any records.

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