Configuring Taxes For a Store


Administrators can configure a store to use tax services like Avalara, STO CCH and Vertex. Tax Type details can also be managed by each state as well as setting up tax-exempt status.

Tax Service Details

Navigate to: Stores and Reps > Stores > Manage > Tax Details

To set up different types of tax, Administrators need to enter the required details for every tax service.

Note: When Prices Are Inclusive Of Taxes setting is enabled for Avatax, Product and Shipping Prices displayed on the Checkout page are considered as inclusive of Taxes, therefore when Avatax is used, Tax Amount is not separated calculated and displayed on Checkout page and Order/Quote Receipts.

Associating Tax Types

Navigate to: Stores and Reps > Stores > Manage > Taxes

Taxes created with Admin > Taxes can be associated with Stores via the Taxes tab.

Use the "Associate Tax" button to associate Taxes with Stores.

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