Configuring Email Marketing (Klaviyo)

Administrators can use this tab to connect the respective Store with the Klaviyo account. Klaviyo provides many services which can be used by connecting the Klaviyo account with Znode Store. 




Enter a unique Username


Enter a unique password


Enter API key


Checking the box will Enable the above setting.

When the administrator clicks on the Save & Close button, the changes are saved along with the store, and users are redirected to the Stores list page.

Note - When no provider is selected from the dropdown and the administrator clicks the Save button, then no provider is enabled for tracking the user activities on the webstore.

Capturing Email Marketing details on the webstore.

Administrators can track the following activities of the user on the webstore using Klavio.  

  1. User Login Event - This tracks the logged-in user’s identity
  2. Product View Event - This tracks the product details page views
  3. Add To Cart Event - This tracks the product added to the cart
  4. Checkout Success Event - This tracks if the order is placed successfully

Whenever a Klaviyo account is connected to a Store and is enabled then all the events mentioned above are tracked for each Store for the respective activities performed by the registered customers (shoppers). 

The following information is passed to Klaviyo for customers that are subscribed to receive email notifications:

  1. User Details:
    1. Store Code
    2. Store Name
    3. Username
    4. Email Address
    5. First Name
    6. Last Name
    7. Company Name
    8. Phone Number
  2. Product Details: 
    1. Product Name
    2. SKU (the unique ID)
    3. Quantity
    4. Product Image URL (main image)
    5. Product URL (SEO or system generated)
    6. Price (sale price if available, otherwise retail price)
      1. Quantity is tracked for cart event
      2. The price that is displayed to the user should be sent.

Important Note - Klaviyo users belonging to the Klaviyo account that is connected with one or more Znode stores are able to track the abandoned cart data for different stores individually.

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