Release Notes

Release Date: October 7, 2022



Release Information

Znode 9.7.4 release includes new features and enhancements along with some minor bug fixes.


Znode 9.7.4 Release Webinar

Software Upgrades

[ZPD-20111] - Transition to GA4

  • Migration from Universal Analytics to GA4 (latest version)

[ZPD-17389/ZLMC-3149] - Migration of Sass Compiler to Visual Studio Web Compiler

  • Change of Sass Compiler from Prepros to Visual Studio Web Compiler.

New Features

  • Form Submission Export
  • Promotions and Coupons Import
  • Export Log Details for Failed Imports
  • Change/Update Time Zone


  • One Promotion and Coupon for Multiple User-Profiles
  • Add Video content for PDP
  • PayPal Express Refund/Void Feature
  • Braintree Modification for PCI Compliance
  • Create Search Profiles for All types of Catalogs.
  • Publish Stored Procedure Enhancement

Important Information And Breaking Changes

Publish Stored Procedure Enhancement

  • When the user is upgrading the script to 9.7.4, it is mandatory to clear the data and republish it.
  • PublishProductId, and CatagoryPublishId generation code has been removed and replaced by PimProductId and PimCategoryId.
  • The length of the following attributes should be 300 only:
    • Product Name 
    • SKU Size
    • Category Name

ElasticSearch Enhancements

  • From the 9.7.4 version, provision to integrate N number of ElasticSearch URLs on the bases of N number of load balancers has been implemented.
  • For multiple ElasticSearch integration with Znode, it will be necessary to add ElasticSearchUsername and ElasticSearchPassword on web.config file

Content Security Policy Enhancements

Added security headers for providing additional security based on customer requirements all ajax call domains are mandatory to add in the "content security policy" to allow the third-party call which is consumed in our application." Set default value/ URLs which are used in Znode, the user needs to mention his URLs if consumes any third-party application.  the above setting will not be impacting the admin side security setting.

Braintree Modification for PCI Compliance

The current implementation is done only for the Create/Manage Order and Quote workflows. This implementation will not have any impact on the Create/Manage Pending Order/Pending Payments workflow and it will work as-is for this version of Znode.

Change/Update Time Zone

  • The scope of this setting is for “Display Purpose Only”. Global Setting Time Zone will only be used for display purposes in Admin and Webstore.
  • Web servers and DB servers are in the same time zone.
  • DB and API will still read/write the date and time in the Server’s Time Zone (time zone set for the OS).
  • The global Setting time zone is applicable across all the Stores. No choice of store-level time zone setting in this version.
  • Imports and exports use “Server’s Time Zone”.

Video Content Support on PDP

  • Default Import/Update Template Changes:
    • New Product attributes will be added in the Product Import/Update Template along with the other details in the same sequence: 

      • Gallery Images (existing attribute)

      • Video1 (new attribute to be added)

      • Video2 (new attribute to be added)

  • If the “Video1 or Video2” column is left blank then the system will not display an error as these are non-required attributes.
  • No validations will be applied for the URL to be entered in the Video1 and Video2 columns, as the embedded URL can have different formats.

PayPal Express

  • Merchant ID and Merchant Password fields are deprecated for PayPal Express Configuration.
  • The ‘Credit Card Authorization’ field is renamed to ‘Payment Authorization’.  

Transition to GA4

  • UA is deprecated and GA4 will be used for Google Analytics from version 9.7.4.

Modifications to Inheritance of Child Products to Parent Category Setting

  • In 9.7.4, the feature Inheritance of Child Products to Parent Category has been limited specifically for the facet section, wherein if this setting is ON, the facet section will display only the parent category and the immediate child category which earlier showcased the parent category and all the child categories within the parent category. This facet section will be reinstated in a future release.
  • For more detailed information, please refer to ZPD-18417

Create Search Profiles for All Types of Catalogs

  • The Stores tab from Marketing >> Site Search >> Search Profiles >> Edit Search Profile Screen will be removed. Please refer to the screenshot below.

Other Breaking Changes

Please refer to this Breaking Changes Document for more information.

New Features

[ZPD-19503] - Form Submissions Export


  • A provision to export form submissions has been implemented.
  • For this implementation, a new menu named ‘Export’ has been added in ‘Dev Centre’, where all the exported records will be displayed with the following information:
    • Export ID
    • Export Type - Form Submission
    • Status - Started or Completed Successfully or Failed (depending on the current status of the process)
    • Export Date - current date and time
  • Also, the admin will have an option to ‘Download’ and ‘Delete” records (single or multiple).
  • The export option for ‘Form Submission’ is added under the ‘Tools’ section with the following options export options:
    • Export to CSV
    • Export to Excel
  • Chunk sizes will be defined in the web.config file and will be the same for every export.
  • The exported files will be named “FormSubmissions”, it will be a zip file that can contain one or more files (in CSV/Excel format). 
  • More than one file within a zip will be generated in a scenario when the number of records available for export exceeds the chunk size defined for every export type.


Important Points: 

  • The Export request should be executed in the background, so even if the user logs out or exits the export page the export request should still be in progress and the status should be updated against that record on the Exports page once the request is completed. The export file generation will be executed in threads in the background.
  • If the status for the form submission is in progress then the application will not allow that particular record to be deleted until the status is completed.
  • Also, for such records, the download and the delete buttons will be disabled.
  • If in case, admin tries to delete multiple records through the tools section, then the checkbox of the records whose status is in progress will be disabled 
  • If a certain period of time (managed from web.config file) is passed, the file will be automatically deleted from the application as well as from the server.

[ZPD-19702] - Promotions and Coupons Import 


  • A provision to import promotions has been made available in this version. Using the same, the Admin can add new promotions as well as update the existing ones.
  • Also, there is a provision to create coupons for the created promotions as well.
  • There are predefined templates for different types of promotions in the Import section using which the different types of promotions can be added or updated.


Important Points: 

  • Promotion Code, Coupon Code, ‘Requires A Coupon’ and ‘Is Allowed With Other Coupons’ cannot be updated through the update process
  • Brands, Catalogs, Shipping Methods, and Products associated with any promotion or coupons cannot be deleted.
  • Is unique feature related to the coupon code section is not included in this release.

[ZPD-13704/ZLMC-1996] - Export Log Details for Failed Imports


  • A provision to export log records for failed imports is introduced in this version.
  • Admin or equivalent user can export the log details in the following formats:
    • CSV format

    • PDF format 

    • Excel format.

  • The export process will be carried across in a way wherein the exporting will initiate a downloadable file and there will be no impact on the export screen.


Important Points: 

  • Only the records that are present on the 1st page will be exported.
  • Column-wise export is not considered in this version.

[ZPD-20108] - Change/Update Time Zone 

Administration/ Shopper Experience 

  • In this release, the provision to update the web store and admin’s timezone is implemented.
  • This feature allows the admin to select a timezone in which the admin would like to display the time-related data in the admin as well as the web store.
  • The admin can select from 90+ time zones but can select only one timezone at a time.
  • The feature to update the timezone is added in the Global Settings, Display Time Zone and Server Time Zone are the two new fields. The Time Zone field allows the admin to select the timezone and Server Time Zone displays the server time zone and is a non-editable field.


Important Points: 

  • All Data (past data as well) in the selected time zone will be displayed on all the screens where time-related entries are shown. 
  • This release does not include the data display in the customer’s timezone.
  • Impact on Vouchers, Promotions, Coupons, Pricing Engines, and Schedulers are not considered in this release and will work as per the server time zone.


[ZPD-16187/ZLMC-2943] -  One Promotion and Coupon for Multiple User-Profiles

Administration/ Shopper Experience

  • From version 9.7.4, the admin will be able to choose multiple profiles at the time of creating a new promotion as well as at the time of editing the same. Profile Selection tab will be a multi-select dropdown field that will allow the admin to select multiple user profiles.

[ZPD-18441] -  Video Content Support on PDP

Administration/ Shopper Experience

  • In this version, an option to add video content in PDP is provided to the admin.
  • Two new non-required product attributes with the label Video1 and Video2 are added for associating videos which will be displayed on the Product Details Page.
  • Only 3rd party URL links can be added to the newly created product attributes.
  • A video player is also incorporated in Znode so that all embedded videos can be played on the Web Store with ease.
  • If the entered URL has some mistakes or is not appropriate then the video will not play on the Product Details Page and an error message will be displayed.


Important Points: 

  • Supported formats are 
    • Youtube
    • Dailymotion
    • .MP4
    • .OGG
    • .Webm
  • Video1 and Video2 will be added to all product types (i.e simple, configurable, bundled as well as grouped).

  • In this version, the admin can add only up to 2 videos per product.

[ZPD-21236/ZLMC-3637] -  Paypal Express Refund/Void Feature

Administration/ Shopper Experience

  • In version 9.7.4., Refund/Void feature is added to PayPal Express and the following are the changes done to implement the PayPal Express Refund/Void feature:
    • Added Fields:
      • Paypal ClientId
      • Paypal ClientSecret
  • For Order Cancellations:
    • The refund will be processed wherein payment status is ‘Captured’.
    • No refund will be processed wherein the payment status is ‘Authorized’ and the payment will be ‘Voided’.

Important Points: 

  • Paypal Express implementation is only done for payments through the webstore, no implementation has been done to make payments through Paypal Express through the admin application.
  • Pending Order and Pending Payment are not considered in this release. 
  • All the scenarios where Order Total increases are not considered in this version.
  • Known Issues (PayPal Limitations)
    • While placing the order through Znode using Paypal Express, on the PayPal Sandbox, the order amount was shown with complete bifurcations which included the shipping value, taxes, discounts and the order total. 
    • This may lead to penny issues, the reason being for every value of shipping, taxes, and discount, the system will send to PayPal, PayPal API will round off the amount to 2 precisions (as PayPal just supports precisions only up to 2 decimal points) but Znode admin can specify the precisions/round off up to 6. Thus, it may lead to penny issues.
    • Thus, to overcome the same, similar to what Znode does for other payment methods, only the order total value will be sent to PayPal without any bifurcated values.

[ZPD-19118] -  Braintree Modification for PCI Compliance

Administration/ Shopper Experience

  • From version 9.7.4, dependency on the Znode application to send the payment information to the gateway is reduced thereby making Znode furthermore efficient and secure.
  • The implementation is done by ensuring that no payment details that require the application to be PCI compliant are saved in Znode.
  • When card details are added to make the payments using the Braintree payment option, all the necessary information related to the card is stored within the hosted field page itself which is in contrast to the other payment options wherein an explicit setting for saving the card detail is provided.



Important Points: 

  • Pending Orders and Pending Payments will be considered in the upcoming releases.

[ZPD-17987/ZLMC-3138/ZPD-17138] -  Publish Stored Procedure Enhancement


  • PublishProductId, and CatagoryPublishId generation code has been removed and replaced by PimProductId and PimCategoryId.
  • Enhancements are done from 0-80% of the Publish process which can be seen in Publish Process Bar.

[ZPD-20111] -  Transition to GA4


  • As Universal Analytics properties will stop processing new hits after 1st July 2023 that’s why in this version, UA is replaced by GA4.
  • For GA4, it is mandatory to add GTM ID and activate the ‘Enable Option’, to pass the data to google analytics.
  • To pass the ecommerce data, it is also mandatory to activate the ‘Enable Standard & Enhanced Ecommerce Option.’

[ZPD-20720] -  Enhancements to Invoice Me Payment Options

Shopper Experience

  • From this version, the webstore user can make Invoice Me payments using Authorize.Net.

[ZPD-18055/ZLMC-3217] -  Quick Order Improvements

Shopper Experience

  • If a user enters an SKU and hovers over the suggestions related to the entered SKU and then presses the :
    • Tab button, then the hovered SKU will not be selected and the value entered in the SKU field will stay the same.
    • Enter the button, then the hovered SKU will be selected and not the one entered by the user.
  • When the user clicks outside the quick view section then the system will validate the entered/selected SKU.

Important Points: 

  • All the validations which are triggered on Enter/Tab button will work on the order template in the same way as they are working for quick orders.

[ZPD-16543] -  Add To Cart Optimization for Quick Orders


  • Quick Order performance was optimized to add up to 50 SKUs to the cart efficiently either by uploading a spreadsheet (CSV or XLSX) or by adding SKUs through SKU Lists Field on the Quick List Page.

[ZPD-19254] -  Store Experience Enhancements 


  • Following are the enhancements in the Store Experience:
    • Hide tabs with non-configurable widgets:
      • The tabs with non-configurable widgets will be hidden.

    • Group like tabs Together
      • Like tabs are grouped.
    • Specify the Order of Tabs
      • The arrangement of parent tabs in the Store Experience section will be in alphabetical order i.e. from A to Z based on the display name of the tabs.

      • Other tabs will be displayed in alphabetical order after the above-mentioned tabs.

    • Specify or Create a Display Name for the Tab
      • The admin can create a display name for a tab but a change of directory name is not possible from the admin. 
      • Alphabetical sorting for the tabs will be based on display names and not on directory names.

Important Points: 

  • Following are the tabs that will have fixed order and will always display at the top in the following order:
    • General Settings
    • Product Page
    • Product Recommendations
  • To change a display name for a specific tab, the admin is supposed to make changes to the “Admin_Resources.resx”.
  • Admin can only change the display name for the parent tabs (Brand, Receipts, Etc.).Admin can only change the display name for the parent tabs (Brand, Receipts, Etc.).

[ZPD-16251/ZLMC-2967] -  Download Media Files with Original File Name

Administration/Shopper Experience

  • In this version, an option to download the files with the original name (i.e. with the same name with which the media was uploaded) is implemented.
  • Two extensions are developed to download files with the original name. One will mask the GUID and the other will mask the MediaID to get the original file name.
  • The following are the extensions:
  • The extensions can be added to the web store in the following way:
  • Whereas on the admin side, Znode already has the download button in the DAM that supports all media types which were not supported before.

Important Points: 

  • Download all media types through the Download functionality in DAM.
  • Only download the files through the Download button in Webstore.
  • Supported Formats:  'gif', 'png', 'jpg', 'jpeg', 'pdf', 'doc', 'docx', 'ppt', 'xls', 'zip', 'ttf', 'xlsx', 'odt', 'csv', 'txt', 'zip' in Znode.

[ZPD-21773] -  Banner Slider Enhancements

Shopper Experience

  • When a user clicks on banner slider links, the links will open in the current tab.

[ZPD-21763] -  Changes to Add New Address Page

Shopper Experience

  • The address field sequence is updated on the web store’s checkout page.
  • Now, the user will be requested to add the Country then State and City at the last.


  • The system-defined attributes are now displayed in the “Add Attributes” section of the Group Attributes page and the admin can add the same to the attribute group.

Issues Resolved

[ZPD-22103/ZLMC-3910] - Admin - SEO validation message was displayed when the admin was trying to update the brand details from the Brands page.


[ZPD-21455/ZLMC-3795] - Web Store - When a customer used a universal voucher (i.e. voucher not restricted to any customer) while placing the order, the applied voucher was not associated with his/her customer account after the order was created successfully. 


[ZPD-21449] - Web Store - In Quick Order, an error was getting displayed when the user was trying to add products to the cart through CSV and XLSX files.


[ZPD-21417/ZLMC-3787] - Web Store - The product which was disabled from the admin was getting displayed in the search results as well as the listing page on the webstore.


[ZPD-21366/ZLMC-3777] - Web Store - While updating the address from the webstore, the address details in line 2 were merged with line 1 when the customer selected the suggested address (address validation was ON in the store settings).


[ZPD-21055/ZLMC-3570] - Web Store - When the customer tried to log in using the expired password, the page reloaded and the user was not logged in. Usually, in such cases, the user is supposed to be redirected to the “reset your password page”.


[ZPD-21044/ZLMC-3567] - Admin and Web Store - Incorrect tax calculations were shown while returning the product from the web store as well as the admin.


[ZPD-21014/ZLMC-3562] - Web Store - While reordering a disabled product from the order history page on the web store, the cart count showed the product was added to the cart but the cart page displayed a message "No Items are in your Shopping Cart”.


[ZPD-20984/ZLMC-3550] - Web Store - No validation message was displayed when no records were found matching the input parameters when the customer searched an order using the order number and email address.


[ZPD-20936/ZLMC-3537] - Web Store - Product Category was not getting displayed on the PDP when the customer switched from one variant to another.


[ZPD-20846] - Web Store - In the Order Templates table, the column name “Items” has been renamed to “Quantity”.


[ZPD-20834] - Web Store - In the actions column for the Order Templates table, the cart icon was redirected to Orders instead it should be redirected to the Cart page.


[ZPD-20813] - Web Store - While creating the Order Template, the default quantity for the products was 0, it has been changed to 1.


[ZPD-20801] - Admin - Last 4 digits of the card number used to place the order were not visible on the Manage Order screen for the Card Connect Payment Method. The same issue was observed when the admin user placed an order with the Card Connect Payment Method from the admin side, also on converting Quotes from the admin and web store.


[ZPD-20653] - Admin - When a new user was placing the order for the first time from the web store, the first name and last name on the web store were captured from the billing and shipping details. These details were displayed on my profile page of the webstore but on the admin side, the first name and last name were not updated for that user in the customer section.


[ZPD-20651] - Web Store - On PDP, there were alignment issues with the product images.


[ZPD-20650] - Admin - UI and alignment issues were identified on the product group attribute page while adding product attributes with long character lengths.


[ZPD-20549] - Web Store - On the cart page, the position to add product quantity was changing when the entered quantity was less/more than the minimum/maximum quantity.


[ZPD-20529] - Admin - Validation message was missing for invalid input in the CSR field on the manage order screen.


[ZPD-20526] -  Web Store - Validation message was missing while making the payment for the PO/Invoice Me orders without selecting the offline payment method when Submit Payment was clicked.


[ZPD-20515] -  Web Store - UI was disturbed in the Order Receipt if the ordered product has a long character name or description.


[ZPD-20460/ZLMC-3475] - Admin and Web Store - Manage Content Block (in CMS) was publishing the content for only one locale i.e. selected locale instead it should publish content for all the locales which had the content.


[ZPD-20361] - Admin - UI was disturbed for Customer Address when the character length for first name and last name was around 200 characters.


[ZPD-20227/ZLMC-3461] - Web Store - An error was encountered on PDP when clicked on “Email a Friend” and the email was not sent to a friend user either.


[ZPD-20226/ZLMC-3459] - Web Store - An error was encountered when a user clicked on “Send Mail” after comparing the products.


[ZPD-20195] - Admin - UI for the import screen was disturbed when the admin was selecting a “Family List” from the dropdown and hovering on the menu dropdown at the same time.


[ZPD-20070] - Admin - When the admin tried to enable/disable the user associated with the account, the admin was redirected to the user’s page.


[ZPD-20065] - Admin - In Pending Orders, Orders were showing the same shipping and billing address even if both were different.


[ZPD-19983] - Admin - The promotion details were changed (stores, profiles, discount value, etc.) when the admin tried to resolve the validation error related to the existing promotion code and saved the promotion code.


[ZPD-19968] -  Voucher which was applied successfully showed invalid when the customer switched from one payment to another (which had the OAB flag enabled).


[ZPD-19962] - Admin - While creating the order, the admin added the input value for the CSR discount which was less than the sub-total value then the CSR discount was applied successfully and the cart summary was updated. But when the cart was updated and the sub-total value of the cart was less than the CSR discount entered previously, the cart summary removed the CSR discount but in the CSR input field, it still showed the message that “Discount of $$$$ applied successfully”.


[ZPD-19948] - Admin -  While adding a new configurable product, the page was getting stuck on the loading screen.


[ZPD-19913] - Admin - While creating the order from the Create Order page, the display for the grouped product details was inconsistent i.e. there was no differentiation between the parent product and the child product.


[ZPD-19895] - Admin - While creating a new order or new quote for a new customer, UI was getting disturbed when the admin user selected the account (with a long character length) that had to be associated with the customer.


[ZPD-19885] - Web Store - Two different prices were shown for configurable products on PDP i.e. product price and starting price whereas only starting price should be displayed.


[ZPD-19884] - Web Store - For Grouped/Configurable products, all the variants/child products were out of stock still the Add to Cart button on the PDP was enabled.


[ZPD-19865] - Admin - UI was getting disturbed for the Orders section on the Dashboard when a user with a long character name placed an order.


[ZPD-19857] - Admin -When an admin selected the store from the Create Order screen in the OMS, it was displaying the complete list of stores instead it should display only the top 5 stores in the type ahead field.


[ZPD-19822] - Admin - While creating the affiliates for the users from the Admin, negative values were accepted and wrong validation messages were shown.


[ZPD-19800] - Admin - While creating the indexes for a specific catalog in Search Settings (Marketing Section), special characters were allowed.


[ZPD-19763] - Admin - In OMS, for Pending Orders and Pending Payments screen, there were no default columns with a disabled check/uncheck button.


[ZPD-19762] - Admin - The display for the validation message was not aligned when the admin tried to add a new Locale/Values for a “Text Attribute” in Category Attribute for PIM. 


[ZPD-19760] - Web Store - In the product review section, the validation message was displayed to the users even after they have added ratings for the product.


[ZPD-19759] - Web Store - In the Quick Order section, the wrong validation message was getting displayed when the customer was trying to add the bundle products to the cart.


[ZPD-19706] - Admin - While enabling the approval management for store “approval type = payment”, wrong validation messages were getting displayed.


[ZPD-19689] - Admin - Display Order for Product Attribute in Group Product Attribute was not showing any validations for special characters and alphabets.


[ZPD-19643] - Admin  - Generic error was displayed when no column was selected and filters were applied (this issue was for complete application wherever filters were used).


[ZPD-19635/ZLMC-3405] - Web Store - On the PDP for Brands, the filters were taking more time to load as compared to products.


[ZPD-19524] - Admin - While updating/editing the address for the users, a new address was created whether or not the changes were made to the selected address.


[ZPD-19404] - Admin - In OMS, on the Returns page, wrong messages were getting displayed in the “Return History” if shipping was returned to the customer.


[ZPD-19270] - Admin - In OMS, the individual returns page was getting stuck on the loading screen when clicking on the back button from the save return pop-up.


[ZPD-19189] - Web Store - In the Order History section, for the PO/Invoice Me orders, the payment history table showed the “account” instead of the “amount”.


[ZPD-18695] - Web Store - When an incorrect card number was added in the payment section and the user clicked outside the payment section, the page automatically scrolled up.


[ZPD-18315/ZLMC-3246] - Admin - The profile image was not displayed for the logged-in admin user.


[ZPD-18236] - Web Store - The scroller on the web store was not working as expected.


[ZPD-17981] - Web Store - Mandatory validation message was shown for the promotion filed while placing the order.


[ZPD-17271/ZLMC-3134] - Admin - In OMS, the name of the customer was getting displayed in the “updated by” section when the admin was making changes to the Order details.


[ZPD-16883] - Web Store - For the orders placed using COD, Purchase Order and Invoice Me, the email address for the customer was not getting displayed in the “Pending Orders”.


[ZPD-16807] - Admin - In “General Setting” for the Store, adding a valid email address was mandatory for the SMTP flag to be active.


[ZPD-15597] - Commerce - Input validation was missing for the attribute SKU in PIM.


[ZPD-19044] - Admin - Wrong validation message was displayed when the ‘admin user’ was created for the store with no user profile associated with the store.


[ZPD-20694/ZLMC-3506] - Admin and Web Store - When the admin was entering the CSS code in the Dynamic Styles section of Store Experience, the > character was changed to the escaped character &gt on the webstore.


[ZPD-22005] - Admin - Multi-Locale for Store Experience was not working as expected i.e. Page Title was not updating locale-wise.


[ZPD-7860] - Admin - Updated help text for ‘Brand Code’ for the Brand Attribute.


[ZPD-21063/ZLMC-3574] - Admin and Web Store - Catalog was disappearing when Store and Catalog were published together.

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