Release Notes

Release Notes / Version / May 21, 2024


Release Information

Znode v9.7.4.4 release includes bug fixes for the Content Containers

Disclaimer for Script Upgrade

  • When upgrading the script to Znode v9.7.4.4, it is mandatory to clear the data and republish it.

Important Information

Content Container

  • Suppose we have added a new variant in a content container: ABC Store with an Anonymous profile, ABC Store with a Retail user, and Any Store with Any User, and assume all the variants are in Production status.

  • If an admin is deleting a variant i.e. ABC Store with Retail profile still the data will be showing for ABC Store with Retail instead of Any User with Any Profile on the webstore. 

  • This is because the data for ABC Store with Retail profile will always be present in the database table. Unless we publish any other variant/main container the data will not be updated in the database table. 

  • Thus, we need to explicitly publish any other available variant or that specific content container to reflect the changes properly by precedence.

Issues Resolved

[ZPD-30650] - Admin and Web Store - The variant level publish for the content containers did not work when the 'Is Full Page Cache Active' Flag under the Dev Center--> Global Settings-->Cache Management was ‘Checked’. 

[ZPD-30698] - Admin and Web Store - Variants of Configurable Products with SwatchText were not displayed on the Webstore as expected even after publishing the Catalog.

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