Release Notes

Release Notes / Version /January 10, 2023


Release Information

Znode release includes enhancements related to PayPal Express and some minor bug fixes.


Important Information And Breaking Changes 

PayPal Express Refund/Void Feature

  • Merchant ID and Merchant Password fields are deprecated for PayPal Express Configuration.
  • The ‘Credit Card Authorization’ field is renamed to ‘Payment Authorization’.


Other Breaking Changes

Please refer to this Breaking Changes Document for more information


[ZPD-21236/ZLMC-3637] -  Paypal Express Refund/Void Feature

Administration/ Shopper Experience

  • In version 9.7.4., Refund/Void feature is added to PayPal Express and the following are the changes done to implement the PayPal Express Refund/Void feature:
    • Added Fields:

      • Paypal ClientId

      • Paypal ClientSecret
        Note: Both the fields will have text fields associated with them

  • For Order Cancellations:
    • The refund will be processed wherein payment status is ‘Captured’.
    • No refund will be processed wherein the payment status is ‘Authorized’ and the payment will be ‘Voided’.

Important Points:

  • Paypal Express implementation is only done for payments through the webstore, no implementation has been done to make payments through Paypal Express through the admin application.
  • Pending Order and Pending Payment are not considered in this release. 
  • All the scenarios where Order Total increases are not considered in this version.
  • Known Issues (PayPal Limitations)
    • While placing the order through Znode using Paypal Express, on the PayPal Sandbox, the order amount was shown with complete bifurcations which included the shipping value, taxes, discounts and the order total. 
    • This may lead to penny issues, the reason being for every value of shipping, taxes, and discount, the system will send to PayPal, PayPal API will round off the amount to 2 precisions (as PayPal just supports precisions only up to 2 decimal points) but Znode admin can specify the precisions/round off up to 6. Thus, it may lead to penny issues.
  • Thus, to overcome the same, similar to what Znode does for other payment methods, only the order total value will be sent to PayPal without any bifurcated values.

Issues Resolved

[ZPD-22103/ZLMC-3910] - Admin - SEO validation message was displayed when the admin was trying to update the brand details from the Brands page.


[ZPD-19127/ZLMC-3341] - Admin - The administrator was getting an error message "Catalog is associated with the Store," when trying to delete a catalog that wasn't linked to any stores.


[ZLMC-23944/ZLMC-4267] - Admin and Web Store - Customers were displayed incorrect and inaccurate order calculations on the order page and in email receipts.

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