Release Notes

Release Notes / Version / November 06, 2023


Release Information

Znode v9.7.2.5 includes the enhancements related to Order/Quote Creation, Category Association Import and other performance related improvements.

Breaking Changes

Please refer to this Breaking Changes Document for more information


[ZPD-28656/ZLMC-5345] - Checkout Page Enhancements

Shopper Experience

  • Enhancements have been made to the Create Orders/Quotes workflow that has resulted in the performance improvement.

[ZPD-28740/ZLMC-5395] - Category Association Import Enhancements


  • The Category Association Import feature has been improved in terms of performance. 

[ZPD-28655/ZLMC-5344] - Code Optimization for SEO URLs


  • Code optimizations have been made to avoid recurring requests for SEO-friendly URLs. 

[ZPD-28654/ZLMC-5343] - Impersonation Performance Optimization


  • Earlier, Impersonation calls were being made frequently in the application, which was affecting the application’s overall performance.

  • Code modifications have been done in this release to reduce the frequency of these calls which resulted in overall performance improvement.

[ZPD-28649/ZLMC-5338] - Modification to CategoryContent() Method


  • Read-only session state has been enabled for the CategoryContent() method

[ZPD-28642/ZLMC-5331] - Prevented Multiple Session Calls for Logged-In User


  • To improve application performance, multiple session calls for the logged-in user were prevented.

[ZPD-28582/ZLMC-5311] - Enhancements to SessionHelper.cs Class


  • To check for a null pointer, a condition has been introduced to the SessionHelper.cs Class method.

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