Release Notes

Release Notes / Version December 1, 2023


Release Information

Znode v9.7.2.6 majorly includes enhancements related to the webstore performance.

Breaking Changes

Please refer to this Breaking Changes Document for more information


[ZPD-28635/ZLMC-5327] - Add To Cart Optimization for Quick Orders


  • Quick Order performance has been optimized to add up to 50 SKUs to the cart efficiently either by uploading a spreadsheet (CSV or XLSX) or by adding SKUs through the SKU Lists Field on the Quick List Page.

[ZPD-28641/ZLMC-5331] - Optimized Loading of the Product Images

Shopper Experience

  • The loading of the product images is now being optimized.

  • Following is the list of sliders that are taken into consideration for product image optimization:

    • Recommended Products Slider (On Homepage, PDP, and Cart Page)

    • Replacement Products Slider (On PDP)

    • Recently Viewed Products Slider (On PDP, Dashboard)

    • Frequently Bought Products Slider (On PDP)

    • You May Also Like Products Slider (On PDP)

    • Best Sellers Product Slider (On Checkout Page)

    • Featured Products  (On Homepage)

    • Best Sellers (On Checkout and Quote Receipts)

[ZPD-28647/ZLMC-5336] - Enhancements related to Recently Viewed Products

Shopper Experience

  • Previously, the code logic was written in such a way that it passed "productid" to the database to fetch the records for the recently viewed products. 

  • However, the implementation has been changed in this release such that recently viewed products are stored at browser local storage and using the same, the recently viewed products are displayed on the Webstore, eliminating the call to the database to get the product details.

[ZPD-28648/ZLMC-5337] - Code Enhancements to Global.asax


  • Code improvements have been made in Global.asax to remove or reduce the use of session calls in the session_start and Application_AcquireRequestState events.

[ZPD-28652/ZLMC-5341/ZPD-28653/ZLMC-5342] - Webstore Performance Improvements

Shopper Experience

  • Performance improvements are made wherein:

    • Some of the session calls were removed for the GetCartTotal and GetCartCount.

    • Some of the extra facet calls were removed.

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