Azure Backup


As a part of the Infrastructure Access Policy, our customers and partners are provided with read access to the database. Since our environments are shared servers, we have implemented the following process for our customers to create a DB backup and share it with us.  

Please run the following script in your environment. The sample script below has placeholder fields, please see the documentation below to update and execute properly.

Connect the SQL DB you intend to backup and update the following script to be executed on the Master.

Update the following SQL script before running the backup

  1. @Databasename This is the name of the intended DB you want to restore. A date/timestamp will be appended to the DB name of the current date.
  2. @BackupPath  This is the Webserver Path of the Restore, ie.\ DB_Backups
  3. @recipientList This will send an email to the recipient once the backup has been completed

After running the DB backup script, you will receive an email when the backup has been completed. 

Please share the following details so we can perform a DB restore on your behalf:

  1. The path of the DB backup location, in the corresponding Webserver of your choosing (Non-Production or Production).
  2. The name of backups(s) 
  3. If you would like to keep any previous or older backups

We will let you know once the DB restore has been completed. In general, this process takes up to 24-48 hours.

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