Release Note

July 23, 2018


Code Optimizations

Following code enhancements were done to facilitate customization:

  1. custom properties added in the BaseModel and BaseViewModel

  2. GetShoppingCartByOrderId() in OrderService, MapParametersForCategory() in CMSWidgetConfigurationService, and GetPortalCatalogByPortalId() in OrderAgent are made virtual

  3. Method overriding is allowed for ManageOrderInventory() and GetInventoryBySKUs()

Issues Resolved

[ZPD-202] - Customer Reported Issue | Chase Paymentech changes

[ZPD-1992] - Marketing - SEO Setup - Data is not displayed in other than the English locale when added from manage column.

[ZPD-2063] - Marketing - Import SEO - SEO status does not change when we update the data using Import SEO functionality.

is allowed[ZPD-2064] - Admin - SEO - The application is allow to import the same SKU for a different product for a same store.

[ZPD-2065] - Admin - Import SEO - Data is not uploaded according to the locale selected.

[ZPD-2214] - SEO-related DEV Known bugs.

[ZPD-2242] - PIM - Product/Categories - Locale drop-down is not displayed in read-only mode when clicked on save button

[ZPD-2253] - Store - Display Setting - Duplicate category is displayed while publishing the category.

[ZPD-2272] - SEO | Incorrect nesting displayed on webstore.

[ZPD-2277] - PIM-Category-Go to SEO Tab-here SEO Friendly Page Name is in read-only .mode,Now change the locale to Spanish, and again change the locale to English. Now the Friendly Page Name field is active.

[ZPD-2310] - Webstore - The amount of catalog promotion is not working for Group Product.

[ZPD-2315] - Payment Application: Issue in Znode.Multifront.PaymentFramework.Bussiness.

[ZPD-2317] - On fetching unassigned attributes for family and group page breaks in a scenario.

[ZPD-2375] - Overridden method GetFilterForProducts not getting called.

[ZPD-2377] - Marketing - SEO Setup - Products - Duplicate SEO is displayed while adding the details in another locale.

[ZPD-2385] - Custom changes in BaseClient and Znode.Libraries.Admin

Breaking Changes

Added custom properties in the base model type of object. Removed custom properties from derived models.

Required type casting for these custom properties if used in customization.

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