Release Note

Issues Resolved

The following upgrade-related issues were resolved:

[ZPD-2424] - Webstore > Home Page: Text Widgets are not rendering on Webstore.

[ZPD-2425] - Webstore > Home Page: Duplicate category widget displayed.

[ZPD-2427] - Unable to remove cart line items.

[ZPD-2428] - The product selected is displayed below in the search result instead of on top.

[ZPD-2432] - Category > SEO tab is not working for any family other than default.

,[ZPD-2433] - Admin > Store: Default stores (Fine Food, Nuts, Wine and cheese) is displayed on upgrading.

[ZPD-2434] - Webstore > Sometimes Add to Cart does not work with the previous cookie mapping ID.

[ZPD-2435] - Admin > PIM > Manage Catalog fails with garbage data.

[ZPD-2436] - Catalog > Parent category does not display catalog if no products are associated with it.

[ZPD-2437] - DLL for 'Znode.Api.Model.Custom' generated in bin folder with name 'Znode.Sample.Api.Model'.

[ZPD-2449] - Unable to publish store and catalog with bulk data - Publish stays in the loop.

[ZPD-2456] - Application getting timeout while fetching Product Name on edit SEO call in case of bulk data.

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