Manage Order Classes

This feature was introduced in Znode 9.9


Manage Order Classes

Navigate to: Commerce Portal Settings > Manage Order Classes

Introduction to Order Classes

  • Znode internally defines Order Classes, which can only be configured from the database. 
  • Once the configurations are done in the database, the Order Class will be available for the admin users to select in the Commerce Portal to create orders in. 
    • Order Classes can include Orders, Quotes and Pending Orders but in the v9.9 release, the Order Class = Orders is only configured
  • In “Commerce Portal Settings (under Dev Center)” there is a section “Order Classes” where all the configured Order Classes are displayed with the following columns.
    • Class Code

    • Class Name

    • Next Number

    • Number Format


Manage Order Classes

  • Admin can edit the Order Classes (but not delete them).
  • On editing an Order Class, an admin user will be able to see the following:
    • General Settings:
      • Class Code (Unique) - not editable
      • Class Name  - not editable
      • Next Number
        • Specifies the next sequential order number that will be used.
        • This number will continue to increase with each subsequent order.
      • Digit Length
        • Defines the length of the Next Order Number.

          Example: If the Digit Length is set to 5 and the Next Number is set to 1, then the next number for the upcoming order will be 00001.

      • Number Format
        • Defines the format to be used for order numbers. Based on the combination of letters, macros, digit length and the next number.
        • The following macros are available to use:
          • ❮MM❯
            • Current month number(01-12)
          • ❮DD❯
            • Current day number(01-31)
          • ❮YY❯
            • Current year number(eg.23)
          • ❮YYYY❯
            • Current year number(eg.2023)
          • ❮Number❯
            • The next available order class number
              Example: If the format has been defined as "AMLA-<MM>-<DD>-<YY>-<Number>", then the next order ID generated will be ""AMLA-21-12-22-00001"
    • Change Class Buttons:
      • Admin users can create/define Order Class buttons to change the class and/or status of an Order Class.
      • All the buttons that have been defined will be listed here with the following columns:
        • Button Text
        • When Status Is
        • To Class
        • Set Status To
        • Display Order
      • If no buttons have been created for an Order Class, the message "No records found" will appear.
      • Admin users can create new buttons as well as edit the existing ones.
      • To create/edit the buttons, the admin users have to add/edit the following information:
        • Button Text
          • Button Text can also be termed as a Button Name that will be used in an Order Class.
        • When Status Is
          • A dropdown field containing a list of all the statuses associated with the Order Class.
          • This setting controls during what status of an order the button should appear on the Edit/Manage Order screen. When set to the defined status the button will show; for all other statuses the button will not show.
        • To Class
          • A dropdown field containing a list of all the Order Classes that have been configured.
          • This setting controls whether or not the Class of an Order needs to change.
          • When the button is selected on the Edit/Manage Order screen the order class for the order will change to this Class.
        • Set Status To
          • A dropdown field containing a list of all the statuses associated with the Order Class selected above (in the ‘To Class’ section).
          • This setting determines the Status to change the order to when a user selects the button.
        • Display Order
          • This input determines the Display Order of the Button i.e. in which Order the button will be displayed on the Manage Order Screen, in relation to other buttons defined.

Important Point:

  • In the v9.9 release, Order Class = Orders has only been configured and supported.

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