9.9.1 Release Notes

Release Notes / Version 9.9.1 / 2024-04-04


Release Information

Znode v9.9.1 release includes enhancements related to Amazon Pay and Klaviyo along with some minor bug fixes and important merges.

Disclaimer for Script Upgrade

  • When upgrading the script to Znode v9.9.1, it is mandatory to clear the data and republish it.

Software Upgrades

Newtonsoft.Json Upgrade

  • Newtonsoft.Json has been upgraded from 11.0 to 13.0 in the payment application.


  • Amazon Pay Upgrade 

  • Klaviyo API Upgrade

  • Enhancements related to Promotions and Coupons

Important Information And Breaking Changes 

Amazon Pay - Upgrade

  • Order Creation workflow via Admin Console using Amazon Pay Hosted.

  • Orders placed using the Amazon Pay - Checkout v1 method cannot be returned or canceled with the new Amazon Pay Hosted method.

Other Breaking Changes

Please refer to this Breaking Changes Document for more information


[ZPD-28819/ZLMC-5263/ZPD-28423] -  Amazon Pay Upgrade

Shopper Experience/ Administration

  • Amazon Pay has been upgraded to Checkout v2 as Checkout v1 will not be updating with new features and enhancements.

  • In Znode v9.9.1, the admin users will be able to see the following Amazon Pay payment options:

    • Amazon Pay (Deprecated)

    • Amazon Pay Hosted

  • Amazon Pay (deprecated) will continue to work as is in this release but it will be recommended to use Amazon Pay Hosted to create/update the payment methods that can be used to make payments on the Webstore.

  • Amazon Pay Hosted:

    • Credit Card Authorization will be hidden for Checkout  v2.

  • The checkout flow for the v2 on the Webstore has been updated. The page to add, view, or update the shipping and billing information will no longer be displayed. Instead, shoppers will be able to see the selected shipping information and a list of payment methods (if more than one) with an option to Change (as shown below).

Important Points:

  • Orders placed using the Amazon Pay - Checkout v1 method cannot be returned or canceled with the new Amazon Pay Hosted method (Amazon Pay - Checkout v2) in this release.

  • Converting Quotes to Orders using Amazon Pay will be out of scope for this release.

  • Order Creation workflow via Admin Console using Amazon Pay Hosted is not considered in this release.

[ZPD-29728/ZPD-28985/ZLMC-5475] - Klaviyo API Upgrade


  • Klaviyo has been upgraded to the latest version since the legacy v1/v2 are scheduled to retire on June 30, 2024.

  • The following is the list of events that can be tracked with Klaviyo integration:

    • User Login Event

    • Product View Event

    • Add to Cart Event

    • Checkout Success Event

  • Whenever a Klaviyo account is connected to a Store and is enabled then the events mentioned in the point above will be tracked for each Store for the respective activities performed by the registered customers (shoppers) and the following information will be passed to Klaviyo:

    • User Details

      • Store Code

      • Store Name

      • Username

      • Email Address

      • First Name

      • Last Name

      • Phone Number

    • Product Details

      • Product Name

      • SKU (Unique Product ID)

      • Quantity

      • Product Image URL 

      • Product URL (SEO)

      • Price

        • Sales Price (if available)

        • Retail Price (if Sales Price is not available)

Important Points:

  • SEO URL will be tracked for the product. If the SEO URL is unavailable, an empty string will be displayed.

[ZPD-28232/ZPD-28968/ZLMC-5222] - Enhancements related to Promotions and Coupons

Shopper Experience

  • Earlier, the eligibility of the promotions and coupons for an Order or Line Item was calculated based on the promotional price which now has been modified to Unit Price.

Issues Resolved

[ZPD-29696/ZLMC-5611] - Web Store - Product details on the Cart page were not displayed correctly when a shopper attempted to add a product to the Cart with the same SKUs selected in multiple add-ons groups associated with that product.

[ZPD-29741/ZLMC-5628] - Admin and Web Store - Variants of Configurable Products with SwatchText were not displayed on the Webstore as expected even after publishing the Catalog.

[ZPD-29783/ZLMC-5650] - Admin - Category Import was not working as expected.

[ZPD-29804] - Commerce Portal Experience - Tier Pricing was not working as intended in the Commerce Portal Head.

[ZPD-29776/ZLMC-5648] - Web Store - When the shopper tried to reset his or her password on the webstore, no notifications were displayed whether the password reset operation was successful or not.

[ZPD-30047] - Admin - Input entered in the Tracking Pixel section of Store Analytics was not getting saved. 

[ZPD-30088/ZLMC-5713] - Admin and Web Store - Minor CMS and Content Page issues were resolved which resulted in the publish failure.

[ZPD-29467/ZLMC-5574] - Admin - User-related Filters in the admin were not working properly.

[ZPD-29192/ZLMC-5526] - Admin - Admin users could not delete the non-default User Profile(s) associated with shoppers.

[ZPD-29902/ZPD-30188/ZPD-30413/ZLMC-5744/ZLMC-5800] - Admin - Admin users were not able to update the Account Role associated with the Users (associated with an Account).

[ZPD-30120/ZLMC-5278] - Admin and Web Store - Tax-related issues were observed for a Customer when the default User Profile was switched between a Tax Exempted Profile and a Non-Tax Exempted Profile.

[ZPD-30412] - B Store Experience - Issues related to Product Images on PDP were fixed.

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