Release Notes

Release Notes / Version / June 06, 2024


Release Information

Znode v9.9.0.2 release includes certain bug fixes and merges from Znode v.

Disclaimer for Script Upgrade

  • When upgrading the script to Znode v9.9.0.2, it is mandatory to clear the data and republish it.

Important Information 

Date Format (dd/MM/yyyy) 

Below steps are to be followed for updating the Culture value and default DateTime format value in the backend (database):

  • Update the 'Culture' details in the database table  'ZnodeGlobalSetting' to set the desired culture like(en-GB,en-US)

  • Update the default 'DateFormat' in the database 'ZnodeGlobalSetting' initially. If not updated, the format will retain the value from the previous culture, which can lead to application issues.

  • Restart the application after updating the database as per step 1. [Note: This may require downtime or maintenance time].

  • The 'English - United Kingdom' culture is included as default data in the database. To use this culture, enable it from Admin Global Settings Locale, associate it with the store, and set it as the default.

Default Data 

  • Added two new Date Formats for GB culture(dd/MM/yyyy) and (yyyy-MM-dd) in default database

  • Added Time Format for en-GB culture as a part of the default database

  • Added New Culture for en-GB as a part of the default database


  • DateTime - Areas covered area as below

    • CMS 

    • FormBuilder

    • Global Attribute

    •  PIM

  • Currency - Partially area covered like below

    • Admin - Dashboard

    • Order - (Order receipt, Order Return)

    • Quote(Currency set as default in the Global Setting will be displayed in the quotes regardless of the store settings)

  • Payment Application - No Code changes are made.
    Note : This has been Validated with all supported Gateways with happy follow   (except for the Paypal Express)     

  • HangeFire/Scheduler - Only Date time-related changes are covered.

Uncovered Areas

  • BStore

  • Commerce Portal

  • Custom table

  • Reports

Other Breaking Changes

There are no breaking changes in this release.

Issues Resolved

[ZPD-30186/ZLMC-5742] - Admin and Web Store - The admin changed the date format to 'dd-mm-yyyy' but this did not reflect on any section throughout the Znode application.

[ZPD-30313/ZLMC-5771] - Web Store - Clicking the category link within  the search suggestions while searching for a line item opened up a blank page

[ZPD-30409/ZLMC-5795] - Web Store -  When the shopper entered a postal code with spaces in the middle, the spaces were trimmed from postal codes.

[ZPD-30457/ZLMC-5826] - Web Store - The billing address was not getting saved for the guest users.

[ZPD-30496/ZLMC-5859] - Web Store - Simple products did not appear in the store when they were used as variants of any configurable product and the respective configurable product was recently published although the variants were associated with a category.

[ZPD-31018/ZLMC-6155] - Web Store - Simple products were displayed on the webstore when they were used as variants of the configurable product and the respective configurable product was recently published although the variants were not associated with a category.

[ZPD-30703/ZLMC-5995] - Admin and Web Store - Some category images did not automatically fit into the image frame in Admin and Webstore.

[ZPD-30850/ZLMC-6043] - Admin - When searching for another product to associate as a variant to a configurable product, the currently selected products were getting unchecked on the grid, preventing the association of multiple products as variants on the configurable product

[ZPD-30644/ZLMC-5954] - Web Store - For the UPS shipping on the checkout page, different rates were observed under the shipping method section and the order summary section.

[ZPD-30660/ZLMC-5969] - Web Store - Sporadic issue was observed wherein the UPS shipping methods were not appearing on the checkout page.

[ZPD-30759/ZLMC-6006] - Web Store - The quantity of the line item was not considered while calculating the Shipping rates. The system disregarded the quantity and displayed the shipping rate for only one quantity of the selected line item.

[ZPD-30891/ZLMC-6088] - Web Store - Users were unable to checkout when the address comprised ‘#’ i.e. a special character. 

[ZPD-30917/ZLMC-6111/ZPD-30933/ZLMC-6124] - Web Store - An incorrect error message was appearing on the shipping address field.

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