Managing Content Page SEO

Navigate to: Marketing > SEO Setup > Content Pages Level

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SEO Settings can be managed by Store for each content page with the help of the following fields:




SEO settings are localizable and can be set according to the Locales enabled for the store.


Displays the Page Name for which the SEO settings are being configured.

SEO Title

Text entered in this field is displayed as the SEO Page Title on the individual content page.

SEO Description

This is used to summarize a web page's content. Text entered here is displayed on some search engine results in pages to let visitors know what a page is about.

SEO Keywords

Search Engines don’t use the meta keywords tag anymore. These are not required but are still available.

SEO-Friendly Page Name

This indicates the SEO-friendly URL of the product page. (E.g., where 'fall-grill-promotion’ is the SEO-friendly page name/URL)

Is Redirect

When Is Redirect is enabled, all customers who visit the previous URL will be redirected to the new URL

Canonical URL

The Administrator can enter a specific canonical URL here. If nothing is specified, the canonical is set to the SEO Friendly URL.

Robot Tag

Administrators can manage page-level robot meta tags. Options are as follows:





Edit Content Pages SEO

Navigate to: Marketing > SEO Setup > Content Pages > "Edit" action

  1. Edit Content Pages SEO details

  2. Save progress using the "Save" button

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