Defining the Product Data Model - Best Practice


When creating a product data model, it is important that you achieve the following objectives:

  • Ensure you have fields for all the data needed.
  • Ensure you have fields to achieve your team’s goals.
  • Ensure the data that will be imported is quality data.

This is the Znode best practice for creating a data model.

Part 1: Defining the Data Model

  • Gather Existing Data - The first step is to get all the data you can to identify the fields that are used.
  • Model Data for Znode - Work with the team to identify what each field is used for, and if any fields need to be removed or added.
  • Define Attribute Hierarchy - Once you have all the fields identified, determine how to organize the product attributes into Groups and Families.

Part 2: Uploading Initial Data

  • Export Mass Data - Get a full export of data for the current systems.
  • Clean and Organize Data - Ensure the data is cleansed and well organized.  This is the most crucial step to ensure you have the best data you can.
  • Load Data into Templates - Use the Znode Import template to prepare the data for import.
  • Upload Data - Use the Znode Import tool to import the data into the PIM.

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