Personalized Shopping - Custom Payment Methods

Znode allows you to define personalized Experiences for your shoppers to meet the needs and demands of your business and sales teams. One of the things you can do is present different payment methods to the user.

You define Payment Methods for the following:

  1. The Store 
  2. A User Profile

When the user goes into checkout Znode decides which payment methods to use.  It uses the following rules:

  1. If the User Profile assigned to the User has Payment Methods defined:
    1. It will display any payment methods set here that also exist in the Store. You must define all payment methods that will show on the Store.
    2. Important Note:  If you want to set this on one User Profile, you need to set them on all user profiles, due to the logic used here.
  2. If not it then shows all the Payment Methods defined in the store

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