Dynamic Schema Overview

Znode allows administrators to add new fields to many of the data models, using the admin tool.  This is a key feature to be able to define data models for key elements without a developer.

Znode uses Dynamic Schema for the following

  • Product
  • Categories
  • Media
  • Stores
  • Accounts (via Global Attributes)
  • Users (via Global Attributes)
  • Forms (via Global Attributes)
  • Content Containers (via Global Attributes)

The Dynamic Schema System allows you to create the following:

  • Attributes - new attributes where you define the data type of settings
  • Groups - a new group, to which you can associate multiple attributes and define how the display order for each
  • Families - a new family allows you to choose groups to show for that family, and optionally remove some of the attributes in the group

Dynamic Schema allows you to create data models for different sets (families) of objects (e.g. different sets of products)

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