Page Template - 404

This is one of the sample page templates included with the theme out-of-box. The 404 Page Is displayed when an invalid URL is entered on your website.

Widgets on this page:

  1. Content Widget

Steps to configure this page:

  1. Use 404-page Template
  2. Set your store
  3. Make it available for all user profiles
  4. URL must be: 404
  5. Save and Publish (to edit)
  6. You can configure it to have your own styling
  7. Publish the final page

Sample HTML for the content widget:

<img style="width: 100vw; height: 70vh; object-fit: cover; overflow: hidden;" src="IMGLinkHere" />

<div style="position: absolute; top: 8px; left: 30px;">

<h2 style="color: white;">Lost your way?</h2>

<p style="color: white;">Choose one of these links to get back on track:</p>

<br />

<p><a style="color: white;" href="../"><u>Homepage</u></a></p>

<p><a style="color: white;" href="../cart"><u>Shopping Cart</u></a></p>


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