Page Template - Simple Search With Image And Multiple Text Widgets

This is one of the sample page templates included with the theme out-of-box. This template allows you to present text with an image, a second set of text, and a predefined search.

Widgets on this page:

  1. Content Widget (Left)
  2. Image Widget (Right)
  3. Content Widget (Row 2)Search

Steps to configure this page:

  1. Use a Simple search with Images and Multiple Text 
  2. Widgets Template
  3. Set your store
  4. Make it available for all user profiles
  5. Save and Publish (to edit)
  6. Configure four widgets:
    1. Set the content for the top left
    2. Choose an image for the top right
    3. Enter your content for the second row
    4. Enter a search phrase
  7. Publish the final page

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