Page Template - Landing Page With Banner Slider Multiple Content And Image Sections and Product List Slider

This is one of the sample page templates included with the theme out-of-box. This template is a complex landing page with a graphic header, three left-right sections, and a product slider.

Widgets on this page:

  1. Picture
  2. First Content Widget
  3. Content Widget (left)
  4. Picture (right)
  5. Picture (left)
  6. Content Widget (right)
  7. Content Widget (left)
  8. Picture (right)
  9. Product Slider

Steps to configure this page:

  1. Use the Landing Page With Banner Slider Multiple Content And Image Sections and a Product List Slider Template
  2. Set your store
  3. Make it available for all user profiles
  4. Save and Publish (to edit)
  5. Configure nine sections.
  6. Publish the final page

Sample HTML for the first content widget:

<h1 style="text-align: center; display: block; margin: 0 auto;">DEWALT BRUSHLESS WOODWORKING TOOLS <br /> ARE FINALLY HERE!</h1>

<p class="font-16" style="text-align: center; display: block; margin: 0 auto; max-width: 550px;"> DEWALT has officially released its line of new brushless woodworking tools, and they look great. The first three to be released are the D-handle Jigsaw, the Router, and the Random Orbit Sander.!</p>

Sample HTML for the left and right content widgets:

<h3 style="color: #ff6f00;">THE JIG IS UP</h3>

<p class="font-16">A new brushless jigsaw means you can cut more and for longer than ever before. A 1-inch stroke cuts quickly and efficiently, especially when paired with 4 different orbital patterns. The keyless blade changes for switching between wood and metal, or even when a blade is dull. A blower keeps dust out of your way while cutting, and LED headlights ensure you stay true to your lines. The top handle is easy to grip, making it all the more secure!</p>

<p class="my-4"><a class="btn btn-secondary" href="URLHERE">View Product</a></

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