Managing Pricing for a Product



Navigate to: PIM > Products

Administrators can add product pricing information (single or tiered price) for any price list created in the Znode Pricing Engine. Adding pricing information for a selected price list will automatically associate the product to the price list if it was previously associated. Pricing can also be managed and edited from the Pricing Engine.

Note - The changes in the above section can be saved only using the individual "Save" button available within this section and not using the "Save & Close" button available in the header.

Tier Pricing

How to set tiered Pricing

The tiered pricing is typically configured at the level of individual products, particularly at the simple product (child) level. This is because tiered pricing is displayed on the Product Display Page (PDP), and it's managed by editing the product in the Admin interface under the Pricing tab. Therefore, tiered pricing should be set for each individual product rather than solely at the parent level to accurately reflect the pricing structure on PDP. Please refer screenshot attached below.

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