Configuring Videos

When the Administrator adds the link in Video1 and Video2 the videos will be displayed on the Product Details Page on the webstore.

  1. For example, let's take the following product - Campbell Chain Electro-Polish Stainless Steel Cable
  2. For this product, I want to add a video, from a site like youtube. I would like to embed the youtube video in the PDP page
  3. I can grab the youtube link How to Select the Right Steel Cable - Buying Guide for Wire Rope and Aircraft Cable "
  4. Paste the link in the Admin > PDP page >
  5. Publish the product
  6. The video will be added to the PDP page
    Any additional functionality will require customization. Additionally, we should add a point that this is only available in 9.7.4+ releases - 9.7.4 Release Notes

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