Configuring Product Add-Ons


Navigate to: PIM > Products > Product Detail > Add-ons Tab

Administrators can associate product add-ons from this section.

Associate Add-on Groups

Administrators can associate add-on groups, adjust the display order of groups from this section. Administrators can also choose if a selection from the group is optional, required, or automatically applied.

  1. Click the “Associate Add-on Groups” button. Only unassigned Add-On Groups will appear in the modal window. 

  2. Select the add-on group and click save.

  3. The group is now available for further configuration if needed.

Associate Add-ons

Administrators can adjust the add-on product display order and make a product selected by default from this section.

  1. Click the “Associate Add-ons” to add additional products to the group. Only Simple Products should be displayed in the "Associate Add-On" modal.

  2. Select a product and click save.

  3. The product is added to the list.

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