Configuring General Product Information


Navigate to: PIM > Products > “Edit” Action

In the product list screen, all the products are visible to the administrator. Administrators can edit the product details by simply clicking on the product name or by clicking on the edit action button.

General Product Information

Product Info Section



Attribute Family

Administrators can choose a Product Attribute family. The Product Attribute family specifies which information to capture about the product.

Product Type

Administrators can select the type of product that needs to be created but product type can not be changed after saving. Product types: Simple, Grouped, Bundle, and Configurable.

Product Name

Administrators can select the product name.

Is Obsolete

Any product which is discontinued or no longer used is called an obsolete product. When the value of this attribute is set as Yes, customers will not be able to purchase the product. Administrators can associate other similar products as replacement products from the Replacement Products tab which will only appear for obsolete products on PDP.

Hide From Search

When "Hide From Search" is checked for a particular product, it hides the product from the Search Results Page, Typeahead Search results, and the Category Landing Page. If a user knows the product URL they can browse directly to the URL and add the product to their cart.

Display Variant on Grid

When the value of this is set as "Yes" Users can order the variants in bulk quantity for a specific Configurable Product.
When  set to Yes When set to No:


Administrators can create a unique SKU for the product. (Any special characters that are used as separators shouldn't be used as an input for this field). 


Enable or disable the product. Only enabled products are displayed on the website.

Is Downloadable

Identifies whether or not this product is downloadable.

Product Details



Long Description

Enter a detailed description of the product in this Rich Text Box that appears to the customer.

Short Description

Enter an optional short description of the product. This will be displayed in the product listing grid. The description should be less than 100 characters.

Product Code

Administrators can enter the internal (ERP) product code for this item. This product code identifies a product across all locales. 

Product Specifications

Administrators can add the specifications of the product which need to be displayed on the webstore.

Feature Description

Administrators can add a feature description of the product in this section.


Administrators can select the brand for this product.


Administrators can assign a vendor that is added via the "Vendors" section of PIM.


Administrators can enter information to highlight or tag a product. For Example: "Certified Organic", "BIO Certified" and etc.


Administrators can associate a tag(s) to a product to assist in the administrator console search.




Product Image

Browse Media Explorer for a single primary image for your product as seen by the customer.

Gallery Image

Browse Media Explorer for additional images customers can see when viewing a product.

Product Settings



Unit of Measure (UOM)

Select a unit of measurement for the product.

Minimum Quantity

Enter minimum quantity customer can purchase

Maximum Quantity

Enter maximum quantity customer can purchase

Out-of-Stock Options

Select how an out of stock product affects the shopping cart from the three options listed in the drop-down.

  1. Don’t track inventory. Enable product purchasing regardless of stock.

  2. Disable purchasing for out-of-stock products.

  3. Allow back-ordering of products.

Shipping Settings



Free shipping

Selecting yes enables free shipping for the product. All other shipping rules will be ignored.

Shipping Cost

Select the type of shipping cost that needs to be applied for this product


Enter the weight of the product. This is used to compute shipping costs. Leave blank if not applicable.


Enter the height of the product. This is used to compute shipping costs. Leave blank if not applicable.


Enter the width of the product. This is used to compute shipping costs. Leave blank if not applicable.


Enter the length of the product. This is used to compute shipping costs. Leave blank if not applicable.

Shipping information

The administrator can add general shipping information in this section.

Ship separately

Selecting this field as yes will have separate shipping for this particular product.


  • The detail fields you see during the product creation and edit process directly correspond to attribute groups associated with the chosen Attribute Families.

  • Products need to be published in order to see them on the webstore.

  • The dimensions i.e Weight, Height, Width, and Length should be a whole number (non-decimal) for FedEx shipping.

Administrators can perform the below steps to add the products:

  1. Complete the initial Product details on all the tabs and save your progress using the "Save as Draft" button. The page will reload with confirmation the Product is saved.
  2. To finish Adding a new Product, use the "Publish" button. The page reloads with action confirmation.
  3. (Optional) After the initial Product details are saved, additional tabs appear in order to manage the newly created product. Admin users can complete these details, as necessary, and save progress using the "Save as Draft" or "Publish" actions.

Administrators can have fields that users cannot edit in PIM.  This is most often needed if information needs to be passed to the site from a system of record (E.G. your ERP), to display on the store, but only can be changed in the system of record, not in Znode. Steps to create a static value field - 

  1. When creating an Attribute, use the data type of “Label”

  2. These fields will only be viewable.

Note: this applies to product attributes, media attributes, category attributes, and global attributes.

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