My Account - Vouchers - Voucher Detail

The user sees this page for a single voucher after they choose a voucher to view from the vouchers page.

The following sections are visible for the voucher:

  • Voucher Details - including the Voucher Name, Voucher Number, Start Date, Expiration Date, Voucher Amount, and Total Remaining.
  • Order where the voucher was used.

The following features are available on this page:

  • Page through, and view orders where the voucher was used.
  • Sort orders, by Order Number, Order Date, Notes, or Amount Used.

On the right side of this page is the PromoSpot content block.  To edit this content block:

  • CMS > Content Blocks
  • Find the block with the Message Key of PromoSport for your store, and click the edit action icon.
  • Edit the Content Block.
  • Save the Content Block.
  • Publish the Content Block.

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