Quick View

This page is displayed when a user hovers over an item on a product list page and clicks the Quick View button.  This page allows the user to see a few pieces of information about the item and add it to their cart.

The following product information can be seen on this page:

  • Main Product Image
  • Product Name
  • Product SKU
  • Product Obsolete Message (optional) - only for products marked obsolete
  • Review Stars - Summary of Product Reviews, and Read Reviews link
  • Personalized Product entry fields (optional) - if you defined personalized fields
  • Configurable Products Selection (optional) - for configured products
  • Ad-On Options (optional) - allows you to select related products to purchase with this one - if you defined add-on products
  • See inventory information

The following features are available on this page:

  • Choose configurable options (e.g. Color and Size).
  • Add a quantity of the product to your Cart.
  • Click Details to see more inventory detail

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