Deployment and Permissions to make the Znode API folder publicly accessible



This article gives an overview of how to provide access permissions to folders available in the API app and Payment API without needing any special firewall rules for managing the media (images), specifically the functionality to upload media from the Admin Console and the functionality to serve media/image to the webstore.

Setting IIS Permissions

In order to publicly access the files within the \Znode.Engine.Api project following folders should have read, write, and modify permissions:

  1. Data
  2. License

Also for the \Znode.Multifront.PaymentApplication.Api the following folders should have read, write, and modify permissions:

  1. License
  2. Config

To give permission for each of the above folders, do the following:

  1. Right-click the directory, then choose Properties
  2. Go to the Security tab
  3. Find the IIS_User
    1. If IIS_User is not in the list, perform the following steps to add the user.
      1. Click the “Edit” button.
      2. Then click the “Add” button.
      3. Then type "IIS_User" in the "Enter the object names to select" field.
  4. Highlight IIS_User in the list, click Edit, and grant the account Modify and Write permissions

Activating Znode License

When the <apiurl>/Activate URL is loaded during the installation and setup process, the License Activation page will appear with general information and the next steps for activating your instance of Znode.

Review the information and when ready to proceed, tick the “Yes” checkbox and click on the “Proceed With Activation” button.

You’ll be redirected to the next step.

For Multifront Licence

Please notice that this activation can only be used on one CPU. 

  1. Select “Multifront” option.
  2. Enter your Serial Number.
  3. Enter your Full Name.
  4. Enter your Email Address.
  5. Review the License Terms
  6. Click to verify you’ve read the terms.
  7. Click the “Click to Activate License” button to complete the process.

For Free Trial

Select the Free Trial option and you’ll be able to proceed without a serial number.

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