Activity logging in the Znode Payment Application


The activity log in the Znode Payment Application is a record of all events and actions that have taken place in the application. This log is useful for troubleshooting and monitoring the application, as it can provide valuable insights into events such as exceptions, errors, successes, or warnings. 

The ‘EnableLogging’ flag in the payment application web.config is used to enable the log and based on the settings it saves logs in the database.

  • When the flag is set to true and the user makes a payment with any integrated payment method, the application will track all the log activity and save it in the database.  
  • The payment application will log all relevant information related to the payment process, including transaction details, user activity, and any errors or exceptions that occur.
  • For payment methods such as Cash On Delivery, PurchaseOrder, and InvoiceMe, activity logs are not saved in the database because in these payment types payment applications are not getting called. 

Web.config Key Configuration

The EnableLogging flag is defined at web.config and by default, the value is set to false.

If the value is set to false or the key is not available in web.config, then activity logs will not be saved. This means there will be no record of the payment log activity, and it will not be possible to track or analyze any issues that may have occurred during the payment process.


  • The "EnableLogging" flag only saves activity logs in the database and log details are not available in any report.
  • The boolean value is being used for EnableLogging starting from 9.7.7 onwards.

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