Create Production DB Restoration on Stage



This article gives an overview of the process of backing up the database from a production server and restoring it on a staging server.

Steps to create Production DB Restoration on Stage

Below are the steps to follow during Creating the Production DB Restoration on Stage.

Step 1: Log in to SQL Database Server with your credentials.

Step 2: Execute the below-stored procedure

EXEC master.[Pr_Util_Backup]

@Databasename =<'Databasename'>,




@Databasename: Database Name
@BackupPath: Backup Path where the database backup is stored.
@recipientList: Email to whom the server should send an alert on completion of the backup.

Step 3: After executing the query. The backup will be successfully created.Step 4: Transfer the file to the Stage database server using network path access and restore the database in the SQL server.

Step 4: Partner can restore the backup on their environment.

Step 5: If the Customer/Partner wants to restore the backup on the Amla environment, they must raise a ticket, Znode Support team will take care of the ticket.

Important Notes

Below are the guidelines that need to be followed before using the stage server database which is a copy of the production server database.

The below data needs to be cleaned/deleted

  • Google Analytics data
  • SMTP server-related data
  • User’s information like email address & password

Above mentioned cleanup script will be executed only by the Launch Database Team. This is a mandatory step because the end user can get an unnecessary email once any trigger happens.

Additional Information

All the steps can be automated using SQL server jobs.

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