9.0.6 Release Note

October 22, 2018

New Features

Admin Refresh

Consistency and UI/UX changes for better usability.

Address Suggestions

Administrator can enable/ disable the address suggestion option for specific users. Once enabled, users can select shipping addresses from a given list which includes existing address in address book and store location address. Administrator needs to modify the address list for such a user, if required.

Approval Routing

Administrators can setup up to five levels of approval workflows and limits around users for placing the order. Any order falling within the set limit would be confirmed and processed only after approval. 

Note: The functionality should be used for COD and Open Account Billing Payment Methods only.


Administrators have the provision to enable or disable Captcha for login and other forms on the webstore. Once enabled, all the forms with captcha code added will ask user to enter the same before submitting.

Child Theme

Allow web developers to create new themes (different layout, etc.) without copying the whole theme. Web developers can override only the page templates that need layout customizations for a particular set of storefronts.  Non custom page templates automatically default to a parent theme.


Provision to use Log4net has been provided. If user enables the flag, log4net is used. Otherwise the users  existing Znode logging is used.

Open Account Billing

An open account transaction is a sale where the goods are shipped and delivered before payment is due, which is typically in 30, 60 or 90 days.

Point Localhost to Different Stores

Allow developers to access different published stores in debug mode.


Administrators can enable preview mode which allows them to preview the changes before publishing them to the production environment.


The BCC Email option is not available for Reset Password

The 'Enable BCC email' checkbox is no longer available for the 'Reset Password Link' email template only. This is to improve security of customer accounts.

Billing and Shipping Address changes

The following new enhancements are available:

  1. Customers can now add an address to the order without having to save/add it to the Address Book. This will be a one time address that will be tied to the respective order.

  2. Admin can control the if Billing Address are visible on single page checkout for different Payment Methods.

Code Optimizations

The following code optimizations were done:

  1. Naming convention for Znode is updated for consistency. Refer Upgrade Guide for detailed list of changes.

Custom Pricing Fields for Tier Price

Three custom fields are provided for Tier Pricing structure. User can change the display name as required and use these to add any additional pricing information.

JQuery Update

The Payment and Znode API’s are upgraded to latest JQuery version. 

Note: Admin and Webstore were upgraded in v9.0.5.1.

Save Card Information

The ability to save CardType, CreditCardExpMonth and CreditCardExpYear in the database have been provided. Users can update and save this information.

Security Optimizations

The following security optimization has been done:

  1. Reflected XSS All Clients: Removed the @Html.Raw() MVC code from all the Views and the data is now rendered via custom extension.

  2. Missing Column Encryption: Enabled the ColumnEncryptionSetting in a connection string.

  3. Client Hard Coded Domain: Hosted all the script files, wherever possible, locally rather than doing the same remotely.

The following features are available in previous versions that are no longer supported in this version. 

No longer supported features may or may not be available in future releases.


The feature to create a quote from the Znode Admin or save a draft of the cart is not available for B2B users.

Bifurcation between B2C and B2B Users

The bifurcation between B2C and B2B users based on linking with account is no longer present. Now both B2B and B2C users are treated the same, can be linked with accounts, and features can be enabled or disabled for specific users and accounts.

Issues Resolved

[ZPD-194] - User import does not associate a profile to a user if default stores do not exist.

[ZPD-367] - Allow special characters when searching for a Product in the Znode Admin Product list.

[ZPD-1610] - Webstore - Clicking on the 'Close' icon clears all the address field details.

[ZPD-1917] - Multifront - DAM is displayed on the dashboard if OMS and customer roles are assign to the admin user.

[ZPD-2244] - Admin - The SEO details for the default locale are displayed for other locales instead of blank fields.

[ZPD-2495] - Customer Reported Issue I Image upload process in the media manager stops for a corrupt image.

Management-related[ZPD-2520] - Customer Reported Issue | Fixed the Order Management related issues reported by the customer.

[ZPD-202] - Chase Paymentech will not work if the state name is present while placing the order.

[ZPD-1702] - Multifront - OMS - Orders - Already entered CC details get clear when expiration date is incorrect.

a [ZPD-1936] - Webstore - Amount of category promotion is not working if variant is not associated with catalog.

[ZPD-1939] - Admin - SEO Import - Redirect From, RedirectTo is not working while importing.

[ZPD-2272] - Incorrect nested categories displayed on the webstore.

Known Issues

[ZPD-3488] - Webstore - Product quantity getting merged after login the site if one product contains addons and another one is without addons.

[ZPD-3481] - Webstore - Incorrect product is reordered while reordering with addon product.

[ZPD-3453] - OMS - Create An Order - Paypal Express not working from create an order.

[ZPD-3353] - Webstore & Admin create order -- Product gets merged when added into the cart with different Add-Ons.

[ZPD-3347] - Webstore - Addresses are not displayed from my account on single-page checkout.

[ZPD-3542] - Admin - Product feed - Duplicate data is displayed in the generated feed. i.e. for content page only.

are[ZPD-3510] -  Admin - Product Feed - Updated SEO details is not displayed in the Product feed.

[ZPD-3499] - Webstore - Publish banner is not displayed if it is published from banner sliders

[ZPD-3354] - Webstore - Duplicate add-ons are displayed on shopping cart page

[ZPD-3336] - OMS - Orders - Incorrect total is displayed while clicking on the Resend cart line item icon.

[ZPD-3326] -  Webstore - While changing the address for users, the account address gets changed.

[ZPD-3318] - Marketing - Preview and Production functionality is not available for  Synonyms and Keyword redirects.

[ZPD-3312] - OMS - Manage Order - Quantity is displayed as 0 while selecting the status as shipped for shipping separate product.

[ZPD-2383] -  Store - Display Setting - Category association is removed while publishing the category.

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